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Timesheets Overview



Timesheets in Kantata OX makes it easy to enter time for all your projects at once for a given week. It also lets you quickly see your Total Hours relative to your Workweek hours, what time remains Unsubmitted for the week, how many hours are billable or non-billable, and how much time you have spent on specific tasks.


How to Use Timesheets

At the top of the Timesheets page, you can move from week to week, 

Use the and back (“ ”) arrows or click the Calendar icon to find and select the week for which you need to track time. You can also go back to update time entries that have not been submitted for approval. timesheets-navigate-week-to-week_copy.png

By default, the Member search field shows "You." If you have account permissions of Project Lead (or higher), and are in an access group that has the Submit Time box checked in the Access Group Set: Time Tracking, you can select the Edit icon, choose another member, and enter time on their behalf. timesheets-member-search-field_copy.png

The Project search field lets you filter timesheets by the projects to which you belong. This can be useful if you want to see how much time you have logged for a specific project.timesheets-projects-search-filter_copy.png

Weekly Hours Snapshot

With Timesheets, you can see if your Total Hours are greater than, less than, or equal to your Workweek hours for the selected week. This is useful if Time Tracking Limits are enabled to if you need to adhere to local laws, working time regulations, or employee contract requirements.


  • Total Hours—Displays the total number of hours logged for the selected week. If Time Tracking Limits are enabled, this number may be less than, greater than, or equal to your total workweek hours. 
  • Workweek Hours—The number of hours you are scheduled to work for the selected week. This is set at the account level, and can be overridden from the Account Members Details side panel.
  • Net Utilization/Wk—Shows your total billable and non-billable utilization for the selected week.
  • Capacity Breakdown—Shows the total number of available work hours per week, factoring in account holidays and time off. Days with zero capacity appear visually shaded out.
  • Billable Utilization/Wk—Shows your billable utilization for the selected week.
  • Non-Billable Utilization—Shows your non-billable utilization if there are time entries that are non-billable for the selected week.

Time Entry Table

The table is where you enter time, and where you can see all your time entries for a given week. 


  • Project—Every time entry must be linked to a project. Use this drop-down menu to select the appropriate project for which you are entering time.
  • Task—A drop-down of tasks associated with the selected project. Time & Expense settings determine what information is required.
    • If Require Assignment for Time and Expense Tracking is checked, then members can only select from their assigned tasks. timesheets-select-only-assigned-tasks.png
    • If Require Time Entries to be Tracked Against a Task Type is checked, then members can only log time against certain task types.timesheets-track-time-against-task-type.png
    • If Require Time Entries to be Tracked Against a Location is checked, then members must add a location to each time entry.

If you are working on the same projects and tasks from week to week, you can pre-popular the Project and Task fields with the same information by clicking the Prefill Project and Task Names from Previous Week icon.

Ways to Enter Time in the Time Entry Table

Timesheets automatically saves when you enter time by clicking inside the box in the row of the Project and Task for the day you want. Use ‘h’ for hours and ‘m’ for minutes (for example, 7h 45m). The time you enter must be more than one minute, but less than 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can enter time by clicking the Edit icon . This allows you to add Notes, uncheck the Billable box if the task is non-billable, enter a Location if required, and add another time entry to the same Project and Task. When ready, click Save to add the entry to Timesheets. 



There currently is not a way to enter PTO and holidays in Timesheets. If you are looking to record or schedule time off, see our Time Off Overview article.

Ways to Delete Time Entries

Sometimes you need to delete a time entry. For example, perhaps time was entered on a Tuesday when the work was done on a Wednesday. See our step-by-step guide on how to delete time entries.

When Timesheets Need Approval

You can require approval for time entries at either the account level or the project level. If time entries require approval, then the Submit for Approval button appears. Submit-for-Approval.png

By default, members in these Account Default access groups can submit time for themselves for approval: Report Viewer with Cost, Report Viewer, Project Lead, Project Creator, Collaborator, and Punch Clock. If you are in an access group that has the Submit Time box checked in the Access Group Set: Time Tracking, you can enter time on behalf of that member.

Sometimes, you may not submit all your time entries at once. Timesheets shows you how much time has not yet been submitted, as well as how many hours are billable and non-billable.


If Time Tracking Limits have been set, then time must be entered according to the limit. If not, you'll receive an error message similar to the following when submitted time: timesheets-time-tracking-limit-hours-exceeded.png

Sometimes not all of the projects you are working on require approval. When that happens, only those time entries that require approval will be submitted. Unless there is a time lock, you can edit entries that do not require approval.timesheets-time-approval-required.png

After you have submitted a timesheet for approval, you will know if it is Pending, Approved, or Rejected based on which icon appears to the left of the submitted timesheet.all_icons.png

Any Approved or Rejected timesheet that has an attached note will have the Message icon outlining it. Hover over the icon to view the message.Rejected_timesheet_icon_with_note.png


You can enable timesheet notifications in Notification Settings to be notified when timesheets are submitted; when your timesheets are approved or rejected; or when you need to track time, submit timesheets, or review timesheets.

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