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Expense Approvals

Available in: Enterprise and Premier

Mavenlink’s expense approval functionality allows you to group individual expenses into project-related expense reports, simplifying the approval process and providing a clear picture of the charges being billed to the client.

Members with Project Lead account permissions (or higher) will receive notification in the project’s Activity Feed when an expense report when an expense report is submitted for any project in which they have Financials permissions (or higher). The notification will also be visible to the person submitting the expense report.
You can Approve or Reject the time entry directly from the project’s Activity Feed, or follow the blue expense report hyperlink to see the detailed expense report and take action from there.
Once an Expense Report is approved, the member who submitted the expense report will receive notification in the project’s Activity Feed.


How to Edit an Approved Expense

Once expenses are approved, they are considered locked and ready to add to an invoice sent to QuickBooks. If you need to edit an approved expense, you can reject it to make it editable again. There are two ways to reject approved expense reports:

  1. Hover over the top-right of the notification in the project Activity Feed and click Reject this approved expense report when it appears.Reject-Approved-Expense-Report.png
  2. Hover over Time & Expense in the left-hand nav bar and select Expense Reports. Click on the name of the expense report to open it, and then click the Reject button on the bottom-right. Reject-Expense.png
  3. After the expense report has been rejected, open it from Time & Expense > Expense Reports and click the Resubmit Expense Report button to edit and resubmit.
Note: A member with Financials permissions (or higher) in the project will be able to Approve or Cancel their own expense reports from the project’s Activity Feed.

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