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Export Time Entries


You can download time entry data to a CSV or Excel spreadsheet from the Time Entries page. To ensure that you promptly receive exported time entries, each export is limited to one year’s worth of data. Each export contains the following information:

  • Date of time entry
  • Name of person that entered the time and their Role
  • Name of the Project and Task/Deliverable
  • Status of the project
  • Amount of time entered in hours and minutes
  • Rate, Subtotal, and Currency
  • Status of the Invoice

How to Export Time Entries

  1. Hover over Time and Expense in the left-hand nav bar and select Time Entries.
  2. Click Export Time to open the date picker.
  3. Enter a From and To date, or click on the each field and select from the date picker.
  4. Click Export CSV or Export XLSX (Excel).

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