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Time & Expense Settings

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Time and Expense

These settings can be used individually or collectively and provide you with more control over how time is tracked on your account—at both a granular and organizational level.

To access the Time & Expense settings, hover over Settings on the left-side nav bar and select Time & Expense.Time-and-Expense-Settings-Menu-2.png

The default Time & Expense settings apply to new projects. To require time or expense approval for existing projects, go to that project's Settings.

  • Require Time Approvals—Project members on the Provider team with Financial permissions or higher will be able to review time for the project where time was submitted.
  • Require Expense Approvals—Project members on the Provider team with Financial permissions or higher will be able to review expenses for the project where expenses were submitted.
  • Enable Time Entry Role Picker—Project members entering time will be able to select a role. This helps to keep track of responsibilities within a project. The associated bill rate will be selected when rate cards are enabled. You can add new roles from Settings > Roles.
  • Require Assignment for Time and Expense Tracking—When enabled, users will only be able to track time and expenses against the tasks, deliverables, issues, or milestones for which they are assigned. When logging a time entry, they will only be able to select from a list of their assigned tasks.
  • Require Time Entries to Be Tracked Against an Item—When enabled, this setting requires that users track their time against a task, deliverable, issue, or milestone. They will not be able to log time without an associated task. 

Track Time & Expense Against

This setting allows you to specify what types of tasks that users in your account will be able to track time against. If a task type (Task, Deliverable, Milestone, Issue) is not selected, users will not see that task type in any list of tasks when logging time.

Select the items that are permitted to have time and expenses tracked against them.

  • Tasks
  • Deliverables
  • Milestones
  • Issues
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