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How to Enter Time in Timesheets


Timesheets provide a weekly overview of time entries across projects. This is especially useful if you are splitting your time between multiple projects or tasks.

How to Enter Time in Timesheets

  1. To begin, hover over Time & Expense in the left-hand nav bar and select Timesheets. Any information you’ve already entered via Time Entries, the Time Entry Form, or the Timer automatically appears.
  2. Click the forward and back arrows or click the Calendar icon to view past and future time. You can return to the current week by clicking the Today button.
  3. Click the Select a Project field and choose a project you are tracking time for from the drop-down menu. To narrow your search range, start entering all or part of the project name.
  4. If your Time & Expense Settings require time entries to be tracked against an item, select a task, deliverable, or milestone from the Select Task drop-down menu.
    Note: Click the Remove icon in the Select a Project or Select Task fields to clear them.
    Tip: If you are working on the same assignments as the previous week, click Prefill Project and Task Names From Previous Week (“    ”) and Kantata will automatically fill in the Project and Task fields for you.
  5. Enter time for each day of the week you worked on the selected project and task. Use ‘h’ for hours and ‘m’ for minutes (for example, 7h 45m). The time you enter must be more than one minute, but less than 24 hours. 
  6. Hover over a time entry and click the Edit icon to indicate whether it is Billable, add Notes, or include a Location. To add more time to the selected day—in the same project and task—click Add Another Time Entry.
    Note: The Location field is only available if one or more active locations have been added to your account. If Time & Expense Settings or individual Account Member settings require a location when tracking time, you will need to select one from the Location field before you can save.

How to Add Time for Another User

Members with account permissions of Project Lead (or higher) can enter time for other members who are participating in the same project.

  1. Click in the field at the top-left with shadow text that reads “You”.
  2. Click it again; a drop-down menu will appear, populated with a list of users. To narrow your search, start entering all or part of a user name.
  3. Select the user for whom you want to enter time.

How to Delete a Timesheet Entry

On the timesheet, one row represents all time entries tracked against a particular project and task for the week. To delete an entire row—including the project and task—you must first delete all individual time entries within that row.

  1. To delete an individual time entry, hover over it and click the Edit icon.
  2. Click the Delete icon. If there are multiple entries per day, you’ll need to delete all of them in order to delete all time for that day.
  3. When you’re finished, click Save.
  4. After you’ve cleared all individual time entries from a row, the Delete icon will appear at the end of the time entry row. Click it to delete the entire row, including the project and task.Delete-Time-Entry-Row.png

You can also click directly in the time entry box, highlight the time, and delete the entry. When you click elsewhere in Timesheets, you will be asked if you want to delete the entry. Click "OK" to delete the time entry. timesheets-delete-entry-directly.png

How to Submit Time

Approval for time entries can be set at either the account level or the project level. By default, members in these Account Default access groups can submit their own time: Report Viewer with Cost, Report Viewer, Project Lead, Project Creator, Collaborator, and Punch Clock.

If you are in an access group that has the Submit Time box checked in the Access Group Set: Time Tracking, you can select the Edit icon, choose another member, and enter time on behalf of that member.

  • Click the Submit for Approval button to submit time entries for review—only entries that require approval will be submitted. This button will only appear after you enter time for projects that require approval.
  • If time tracking limits have been set, then time must be entered according to the limit. If not, you'll receive an error message similar to the following: hours-exceeded-error.png
  • Before it is approved, you can edit the submitted time by clicking the red Remove icon on the right, hovering over the entry, and then clicking the Edit icon.

Note: You are not limited to a single submission per week—you can submit time as often as necessary.

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