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Designate Time Approvals

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With Mavenlink, you have the ability to designate time approval to users with Reports Viewer or Account Administrator permissions. This can greatly simplify the time approvals workflow, where there are multiple points of responsibility—from initially tracking and submitting time to reviewing and approving it.

Responsibility for time approval should be assigned to those who have the best perspective of the work and time that is being tracked.

  • If a user works across several projects, their manager will have a better understanding of the work they are doing. Give that manager ownership so that, whenever the user submits time, that manager alone approves it.
  • If a user works in several smaller projects, assign project-level participants, such and a project manager or engagement manager, to approve their time. In this way, approvals are done by someone within the project against which time is being tracked— someone with greater insight into the work being done.

Mavenlink provides immediate time approvals reporting in either case. Whether it's submitting time or reviewing it, you always know where you are in the time approval workflow and who's responsible for moving things to the next stage.

How to Designate Time Approval to a Manager

  1.  Hover over Settings, and select Members.Settings-Members.png
  2. On the Account Members page, select the user whose time approval you want to designate.
  3. In the Organizations section of the Account Member Details side panel, select an approver from the Manager drop-down menu. Keep in mind that managers must have permission levels of Reports Viewer or Account Administrator, since they will need to have access to Analytics in order to track progress and performance of their reports.
  4. Next, select the Manager Approves Time check box. Now, whenever the user submits time, this manager will be notified and can review and approve it.

How to Designate Time Approval to a Project Participant

  1. In a project, click the Actions icon (“ ”) and select Settings from the drop-down menu. This can be accessed by a Project Administrator.
  2. On the Project Setting page, scroll down to the Approvals section.
    Note: If you don't see the Approvals section, make sure that the Time entries must be approved before invoicing setting is enabled in the Financials section; once this setting is enabled, it can only be disabled if there are no active submissions or approvals.
  3. Click in the Select a designated approver field to trigger a drop-down menu where you can select (up to 25) users who can designate time approval for the project. Keep in mind that these users must have permission levels of Report Viewer or higher; or have project permission levels of Project Financial or higher.
  4. Now, whenever time is entered on the project, the designated users will be notified and can review and approve it. 

Users that have been designated as time approvers can see the time submissions for which they're responsible by hovering over Time & Expense in the left-side nav bar and selecting Time Approvals.

If you have an account permission of Report Viewer or higher, select the Your Approvals check box to see only the specific time sheets that you're responsible for approving. Deselect it to view or take action on all submissions. If you do not have an account permission level of Report Viewer or higher, you will only be able to approve time in the project's Activity Feed.

Keep in mind that designating a single person as time approver is optional. If one has not been selected, anyone with Financial permissions or higher in the project will receive a notification and can take action when time is submitted.

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