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How to Track Time in Kantata OX



Time can be tracked in projects where Financials have been enabled in Project Settings. There are multiple ways that you can track time in Kantata:

  • Timer—Start tracking time with one click from any page in Kantata.
  • Time Entries—Manually add time and details for a single time entry.
  • Timesheets—Enter time for all your projects using a convenient weekly view.
  • Project Time & Expenses—Enter time directly from a project workspace.
  • Global Time Entries—Track time directly from the global Time Entries page.


In most cases, the project Team Lead is the best choice for approving time and expenses, since they’re more aware of the resources and requirements of the project. In cases where a Team Lead is unavailable, any project participant with Edit Financials (or higher) project permissions can step in and approve submissions. It’s always best to complete timesheets on a weekly basis. All approved time and expense entries will be available to invoice when you’re ready.

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