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Time Approvals

Available in: Enterprise and Premier


With Kantata's time approval functionality, members with Project Lead account permissions (or higher) can access the Time Approvals page where they can view and manage time for all projects in which they have View Financials (or higher) permissions.

The Time Approvals page allows you to view Submitted, Unsubmitted, and Rejected time entries from tabs with the corresponding names. Depending on the state of the submission, you can view the timesheet, private message a user who submitted time, and either approve or reject the time entry. You can also directly message those who still needs to submit time, reminding them to do so.

If you have been designated as a Time Approver for an individual member or project and have Report Viewer (or higher) account permission, you’ll see the Your Approvals checkbox. You can select this checkbox to only see the time that you’re responsible for approving; otherwise, deselect it to review and take action on all submissions.

Members that have account permissions lower than Report Viewer will only be able to approve time in the project's Activity Feed.


When approving Time on projects you are not a participant of, you will be added to the project as a Project Administrator regardless of the access level in the Project Permission Defaults. To prevent this from occurring, you need to make the project Private in the Project Settings.


How to Approve Submitted Time Entries

  1. Hover over Time & Expense on the left navigation and select Time Approvals.
  2. On the Time Approvals page, use the Group By drop-down menu to select whether you want to view time submissions by Personnel or Project.
  3. Click the forward and back arrows, or click the Calendar icon to view past and future time. You can return to the current week by clicking the Today button.
  4. Use the Search field to look for a particular member or project and filter by group name (depending on how the time entries are grouped via the Group By menu).
  5. You can further filter by department and geography by clicking the Select a Filter drop-down menu and selecting Filter by Organizations.
  6. Select the corresponding tabs to view Submitted, Unsubmitted, and Rejected time entries.
  7. You can send a private message the time entry using the associated buttons to the right of a pending time entry.
    TIP: When you group Time Approvals by Project, you can send private messages to users who have not submitted time by clicking the Message (“   ”) icon in the Actions column of the Unsubmitted tab.
  8. If you have more than one time entry, you can quickly approve them all at once by clicking the Approve all on this page button.
  9. Submitted time will also appear in the project Activity Feed and can be approved or rejected from there. If you would like to see the original time entry from the Activity Feed, simply follow the blue timesheet hyperlink.


You can enable timesheet notifications in Notification Settings to be notified when timesheets are submitted; when your timesheets are approved or rejected; or when you need to track time, submit timesheets, or review timesheets.

How to Edit or Delete an Approved Time Entry

  1. Once time is approved, it is considered locked and ready to add to an invoice. If you need to edit or delete an approved timesheet, you can reject it to make it editable again. There are two ways to reject approved time entries:
    • Group the Time Approvals page by Project, and click on the project that contains the time entry you're rejecting. Find the time entry and click the Reject Approved Timesheet icon in the Actions column.
    • Hover over the top-right of the notification in the project Activity Feed and click Reject this approved timesheet when it appears.
  2. After the timesheet is rejected, it can be deleted, edited, or resubmitted.


Account Administrators have the ability to review time for projects for which they're not participating as long as the Project Access section in General Settings has been properly configured. Report Viewers and Report Viewers with Cost can also review time for projects for which they're not participating and are Open to Organization Members or Open to All Account Members. The Account Administrator, Report Viewer, or Report Viewer with Cost is automatically added to the project after they review time for it.

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