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Time Lock



Administrators and accountants sometimes worry about users making changes to past time entries. Not only does this break financial compliance and account practices, it's often not compatible with your ERP or accounting systems.

The Kantata OX Time Lock feature provides a way for you to lock time in the past so that previous time entries cannot be edited or updated and new time entries cannot be created before the selected lock date. This way, you can confidently close your books at the end of the month or quarter without worrying about past time entries later changing. This ensures that your historical records remain accurate for financial compliance.

Keep in mind that this feature does not lock the ability to invoice approved time entries; nor does it lock the submission or approval of expenses. Additionally, managers aren't allowed to reject an approved timesheet if it falls within the specified lock date.Time-Lock.png

If you need to make changes for a week that is locked, you can temporarily set the Time Lock date prior to the submission date. For example, if you want to edit a timesheet from October 14, 2022, push the time lock to October 7, 2022 and then put the time lock back to its original date once your edits are complete. To learn more, see the Unlock Time article. 

How to Set a Lock Date

  1. To access the Time Lock settings for your account, hover over Settings from the left-side nav bar and select Time & Expense.
  2. On the Time & Expense Settings page, scroll down to the Time Lock section.
  3. Using the Set Lock Date field, specify a date through which time entries are locked. You are allowed to set one lock date per account. Be aware that the lock date must be a Saturday in the past.Set-Lock-Date-Menu.png
  4. When you're finished, click Set. Once you've set a lock date, users will be unable to add, edit, or delete time entries on or before the specified lock date. Nor can they submit, approve, or reject timesheets.Time-Lock-Set.png
  5. You will be unable to lock time if you have projects with unapproved time entries prior to the desired lock date. This happens when a project's Time entries must be approved before invoicing setting is enabled in the Financials section of your Project Settings. Once this setting is enabled, it cannot be disabled.Time-Entries-Approved-Setting.png
  6. Click Auto-Approve to automatically approve time entries for all projects that require time approvals on or before the desired lock date. Please note that this can not be undone and may take some time if you have more than a few time entries. You will receive an email once this is complete and now be able to Set your lock time.Time-Lock-Auto-Approve.png
  7. If you'd rather perform time approvals manually, click Email Report to receive an email export of all unapproved time in projects where time approvals are required.Time-Lock-Email-Report.png
  8. You can also download an audit log that includes every time a lock date was set, when it was set to, and who set it.Download-Audit_log.png
  9. Now, in areas where you add time in Kantata OX (e.g. Time & Expense), restricted time entries will be shown as locked.Time-Lock-Icon.png

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