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Send Time and Expenses to QuickBooks

Available in: EnterprisePremierProfessional + QuickBooks Integration 


Once time and/or expense entries are approved, the associated timesheet or expense report is locked and becomes available to add to an invoice or send to QuickBooks.

Note: You’re not required to send time and expenses to QuickBooks first in order to invoice. However, sending them allows you to see your individual time and/or expense entries in QuickBooks.

How to Send Time and Expenses to QuickBooks

  1. To send time and/or expenses to QuickBooks, hover over Billing from the left-side nav bar and select QuickBooks.QuickBooks-Left-Hand-Nav.png
  2. On the Send to QuickBooks page, you can toggle between Time and Expenses.
    Note: Before you can sync time or expenses, your project needs to be mapped to a QuickBooks customer or client. This can be done from either the Map Projects tab in Mavenlink's Intuit Settings or an individual project's QuickBooks settings.
    Note: You'll also need to visit the Map Account Settings tab on the Intuit Settings page if your QuickBooks default Payroll Item is not mapped.
  3. Check the boxes next to the line items you wish to send to your QuickBooks account. If you do not have any time or expense entries for the selected project, you'll need to create some before sending them to QuickBooks. For more information, please see the help articles on how to track time and log expenses.
    • Items with an orange warning (“   ”) require additional mapping before they can be sent. Clicking on the warning icon provides a shortcut that allows you to quickly map the necessary information to QuickBooks.
    • Items that appear grayed-out must first be associated with a Task, Milestone, Issue, or Deliverable before they can be sent to QuickBooks.QuickBooks-Send-to-QuickBooks-TE.png
  4. After you've selected time and/or expense entries to send to QuickBooks, click Send.Send-Button.png
  5. If your time and/or expense entries were successfully sent to QuickBooks, you'll be notified with a green interface message.Time-Entries-Successful.png

How to Find Your Time and Expense Entries in QuickBooks Online

  1. In QuickBooks, to verify that your time and/or expense entries were successfully delivered, search your Recent Transactions for a Time Charge, Billable Expense Charge, or Bill.QuickBooks-Online-Search.pngNote: If multiple expense charges were selected, they will appear itemized as as individual charges under the Product/Service header in the details section of your QuickBooks invoice.QuickBooks-Item-Details.png

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