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Project statuses let you define and communicate the overall progress and/or health of projects. Each status has a label and a color that lets people see at a glance which stage a project is in.

Project statuses appear in many areas of Kantata OX, including the following: 

Note: Project statuses are also available as filters in Insights dashboards (e.g. the Project Health dashboard).

You can set a project status from the project workspace using the drop-down menu to the right of the project name. Within each color tab, you can select the color that most accurately represents the condition of the project.


Note: Project participants on either the provider or client side that have enabled Project Status Updated notifications will receive a notification when the project status changes. External project participants on the client side will not receive a notification however.

You can set the status of multiple projects at once using bulk actions in the Project List. To learn more, see the Project List article.

The Set Status menu

Note: Anyone with edit Project Permissions on the Provider side can see and set the project status, regardless of their account permission. Clients cannot see or set the project status.

The project color and their corresponding statuses are:

  • Gray—Not yet started
  • Light Green—Close to starting
  • Green—In progress
  • Yellow—In progress with a pending action
  • Red—In progress with a blocker or ended
  • Blue—Finished

Project Status List

This list of project color / status combinations and IDs is useful for clients with API integrations or for those who are using Kantata’s Data Upload Tool to update project statuses. It can be used as a reference during integration configuration, data import, etc.

Note: Depending on your account settings, all of the statuses below may not be available to select in the project workspace.
  Status Color Status ID
Backlog Gray 100
Bid Stage Gray 105
Contingent Gray 107
Estimate Gray 110
In Planning Gray 115
In Setup Gray 120
Inactive Gray 125
Not Started Gray 130
On Hold Gray 135
Pipeline Gray 138
Proposed Gray 140
Prospect Gray 143
Quality Control Gray 145
Gray Gray 150
Approved Light Green 200
Confirmed Light Green 205
Contingent Light Green 207
Okay to Start Light Green 210
Pending Light Green 213
Ready Light Green 215
Scheduled Light Green 220
Quality Control Light Green 225
Tech Setup Light Green 235
Light Green Light Green 250
Not Started Light Green 255
Active Green 300
In Development Green 305
In Progress Green 310
In Testing Green 315
Live Green 317
On Track Green 320
Ready for Testing Green 325
Started Green 330
Quality Control Green 335
UAT Green 340
Green Green 350
Active Yellow 401
Alert Yellow 400
At Risk Yellow 403
Issue Yellow 405
Keep Watch Yellow 410
Late Yellow 415
Needs Review Yellow 420
On Hold Yellow 423
Over Budget Yellow 425
Past Due Yellow 430
Pending Approval Yellow 435
Priority Yellow 440
Requires Feedback Yellow 445
Requires Follow-up Yellow 450
Requires Research Yellow 455
Quality Control Yellow 459
UAT Yellow 465
Yellow Yellow 460
Active Red 501
Alert Red 500
Blocked Red 505
Canceled Red 510
Canceled - Change Order Red 513
Concern Red 515
Late Payment Red 520
On Hold Red 525
Suspended Red 530
Terminated Red 535
Rejected Red 540
Quality Control Red 545
UAT Red 555
Red Red 550
Canceled Blue 601
Canceled Confirmed Blue 602
Closed Blue 600
Completed Blue 605
Delivered Blue 610
Done Blue 615
Shipped Blue 620
Submitted Blue 625
Quality Control Blue 630
Blue Blue 650

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