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Project List


The Project List contains all your most important project information, including Custom Fields (Premier and Enterprise only). It's also customizable and can be configured to show only the most relevant information to you.

Select and Reorder Columns

You can select which columns you’d like to see in the list as well as what order you’d like them in.

Project Colors

The color assigned to each project appears as a thin vertical ribbon to the left of the project name and under the Project Color column.



Show or Hide Projects

Using the Show drop-down menu, users can filter the Project List to show only their projects, projects they can join, projects in their account if they are an account administrator, projects in their organization (orgs only), or projects for which they have Guest Access. Note that team members cannot have Guest Access on projects for which they're participating.Your-Projects-Guest-Projects.png

Filter Columns

Click on a filter icon to apply filters to one or more of the following columns: Project Color, Status, Groups, Organizations, Provider Lead, Milestone Weight % Complete, and Archived. You can apply filters to multiple columns at once to only show the information that is relevant to you.


Search Box

Use the Search box to narrow down the results in the Project List table; this can help you locate projects that contain specific information. 

You can further refine your results by adding column-specific search parameters before your search term. This allows you to search for values only in specific columns rather than the entire Project List table.

To do this, precede your search box term with one of the following column-specific parameters:

  • group:
  • title:
  • description:
  • status:
  • custom_field_value:

For example, if you want to search for projects that have "finance" in their title, type title: finance in the Search box. field_title_search.png

Note: Column-specific search parameters must be in lowercase letters.

Save Your View

Save a custom view of how you’ve configured your Project List, based on column selection, column order, filters, sort, and page size. You'll see your saved view as your default the next time you visit the Project List.


Export Projects

The export function gives you the flexibility to export all project columns or only the ones that you have selected in the Configure Columns menu.


Bulk Actions

By selecting the checkboxes next to the project titles (or at the top of the table to select all projects on the page), you’ll get access to a powerful set of bulk actions. From the bulk actions footer, you’ll be able to perform the following actions across multiple projects:

  • Add members to projects
  • Set project lead
  • Add projects to groups
  • Set project status
  • Set project colors (if enabled)
  • Archive projects

Edit Custom Fields

You can edit custom fields within the Project List. To edit custom fields, first select the Columns menu and check the custom fields from the dropdown menu. Columns for the custom fields you selected will then appear in the Project List. Next, click into a custom field cell for a specific project and enter or select a value.

Editing a custom field in the Project list

Note: When a custom field has the Hide Field setting enabled, it is viewable within the Project List but not editable by any users. Hidden fields are only editable through the API.

Group Management

The Groups tab provides you with more visibility into the details of your various groups, including company information.


You can set the Project List as your homepage for faster access. To do so, hover over your logo in the left-hand nav, and select Set Current Page as Home.

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