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Project Permissions


Every time a user joins a project, they are assigned individual Project-level permissions that determine what access and abilities they have within each project. The initial Project permissions that each member inherits are based on their Account-level permissions.

However, you can map different project defaults for each Account Permission level, including the Provider or Client side of the project, using Project Permissions Defaults. This way, you can ensure that members join a project with the proper access and permissions every time.

You can adjust your team member's privileges on a project-by-project basis by clicking the Project Permissions button; this is located under the Team tab of the Project Admin box. The Project Admin box can be found on the right-hand side of a project's Activity feed.Project-Permissions-Team.png

If you're a Project Administrator, you can adjust permissions for each member by moving the slider next to their name right or left, which increases or decreases their project-level permissions.


Note: Users that create the project are automatically granted Project Administrator privileges.

Project Permission Levels

  • Contributor—Participants can post messages, upload files, and use the task tracker.
  • Time & Expense (for project Providers only)—Everything above, plus the ability for participants to log time and expenses; member can only see their own entries in the Time & Expenses tab.
  • Financials—Everything above, plus the ability for participants to view and edit rates, set budgets, send and view invoices, edit time, and access other financial information.
  • Administrator—Everything above, plus the ability to change permissions for other users, update milestone weights, and modify project information and settings.


Project Abilities

Each team member has project-specific abilities that affect what they can do at their permission level.

    • Team Lead—Click this radio button to designate the Team Lead for the Client and Provider side of each project. Team Leads can be anyone in the project, not just Project Administrators. By default, their name and address will appear on project info and invoices.

      How do Team Leads Impact Invoicing?

      • If the Team Lead on the Client side has Financials project permissions, the invoice is addressed to them (default).

      • If the Team Lead on the Client side doesn’t have sufficient permissions to be an invoice recipient, the invoice is not addressed to a specific person, but still posts in the project.

      • In the case of multi-project invoicing, you have the option to pick an invoice recipient. An invoice recipient for a multi-project invoice needs to have Financials permissions in all invoiced projects.

Project Access

Project Access gives you more granular control over how team members interact with a project.Project-Access-ANI.gif

  • View Only—When selected, team members can only view project information as permitted by their project permissions level; they cannot post to the activity feed or edit task or project properties. For example, a Project Financials user who is View Only can see finances, but not change them.
    Note: If a member's Default to View Only setting is enabled in the Permissions section of the Account Member Details side panel, their project access will be View Only when they initially join a project.
  • Default Access—This setting allows team members to interact with the project, activity feed, tasks, and financials based on the defaults of their current project permissions level.
  • Custom Access—With custom access, the actions available to team members are limited to any combination (one or all) of the following selections: 
    • Post to Activity Feed—If selected, team members can post, reply, and upload files to the activity feed for this project; interaction with other parts of the project is based on their project permissions level. 
    • Track Time—If selected, team members are able to track time on this project; interaction with other parts of the project is based on their project permissions level.
    • Log Expenses—If selected, team members are able to log expenses on this project; interaction with other parts of the project is based on their project permissions level.Custom-Access-ANI.gif
  • Can Invite?—If this box is checked, the participant is allowed to invite other team members (or external users) to the Provider or Client-side of the project.

Changing your Project Access from the Default selection may disable certain functionality in Mavenlink.

Note: Creating Custom Access disables the Can Invite? checkbox.

 How to Remove a Participant from a Project

Click the Actions (“   ”) drop-down menu to remove a user or switch their role to client or consultant. When you’re done, click Save, or click Revert to cancel all changes.


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