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Activity Tab Overview


Activity Tab Overview

The Activity tab is the project’s epicenter that contains a collection of recent communications, uploaded documents, and important updates related to your project that team members can access in one place. The main purpose of the Activity tab is to help you and your team members get a quick overview of where the project is, see how the project is progressing, and identify which areas need attention to get the project closer to the completion phase. 


1. Project Admin Box

Note: Only users with View Financials (or higher) project permission levels can see the Schedule, Budget, and Payment tabs in the Project Admin box and Edit Financials (or higher) permissions are required to make changes in those tabs.

The tabs in the Project Admin box let you access various project information, settings, and actions. This box consists of the following tabs:

  • Team—Lists the project members assigned to the Provider and Client teams and allows you to invite additional members to the project and set their permissions.
  • Schedule—Set or propose a project due date, track any due date changes, and sync the project schedule with your Google Calendar.
    Note: To sync the schedule with your Google Calendar, you first need to enable the Google Workspace integration on your account.
  • Budget—Set the budget, propose changes, and override the bill rates if needed. You can also see what percent of the budget has been used so far.
  • Payment—Allows you to see which invoices are paid or pending, create invoices, and log payments.


To learn more about the Project Admin box actions, see the following articles:

2. Activity Feed

The Activity Feed displays important communications and updates that give you a timeline of all project events. Some of the common actions you can perform in the Activity Feed include:

  • Creating a post
  • Replying to a post
  • Pinning a post
  • Approving/rejecting timesheets
  • Marking invoices as paid
  • Linking files to a task
  • Tagging a team member
  • Filtering and sorting

Project_Activity_Feed.pngThe most recent activity and/or pinned posts always appear at the top of the Activity Feed. To view older activity, scroll down to the bottom of the feed.

To learn more about the actions you can perform in the Activity Feed, see the Using the Project Activity Feed article.

3. Upcoming Tasks

In the Upcoming Tasks section, you can see what project tasks are approaching their due dates. Clicking on the title of a task will open the Task Details side panel where you can quickly update the task status and assignees, view associated files, and more.


To see only tasks assigned to you, check the Show Only My Tasks box. Additionally, you can go to the Task Tracker tab by clicking the See Full Task Tracker button at the bottom of the section.

4. Emails and Notification Preferences

For security, every project has a unique email address for each user—which is found in the Emails and Notifications section—that they can use to post to the project's Activity Feed via email.


To learn more, see the Post to Kantata Projects With Your Email article.


For security reasons, never share this email address; it is unique to you and your Kantata OX account. If you inadvertently share it, you can generate a new inbound mailer address by being removed from the project and then re-added as a team member.

If the Google Workspace integration is enabled on your account, you can click on Create a Google Contact for this project link in the section to create a Google contact for the project email address.

Lastly, you can click Configure to open the Notification Settings modal and adjust your email notification preferences for posts, tasks, and time and expense submissions related to this project.

To learn more, see the Notification Settings article.

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