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Project Admin Box: Team Tab



To access the Project Admin box, hover over Projects in the left navigation, and then select a project. It appears on the right side of the project workspace, with the Team tab displaying by default.

Depending on your project permissions, account permission, and subscription plan, the Team tab in the Project Admin box features:

  1. Project PermissionsProject Administrators and Account Administrators can see which project members have custom or view-only project permissions. These permissions can be adjusted via the Permissions button.
  2. Project Members—In the Providers section, you can see a list view of project members, as well as their role and the team they are assigned to; external users who are invited to the Client side of the project will appear in the Clients section. To view additional details for a specific team member, select their name to open the User Details side panel. This list shows a smaller number of people by default. If you want to see the entire list of members, click Show all to expand it.
  3. Unnamed Resources—If you have access to view projects and team members in Resource Center and are on a Premier or Enterprise plan, you can see which unnamed resources are assigned to the project, as well as their roles and the team they are assigned to. To view additional details for a specific unnamed resource, select their role to open the Resource side panel.
  4. External—In the External section, you can see External Members invited to your account via the Talent Network—indicated by the blue triangle in the bottom-left corner of their profile picture—and External Project Participants—users invited to the Provider side of your project who are not an account member or connected to your Kantata account via the Talent Network.
  5. Pending Invitations—External users who are invited to the Provider side of your project that have no existing Kantata account will appear under the Pending Invitations section of the Team tab until they accept the invitation or you cancel it by clicking the Cancel link. Once they accept the invitation, they appear in the External section.
  6. View Resource Center link—Available on Premier and Enterprise plans and visible only to Account Administrators or users with access to view Resource Center, this link directs you to the Projects tab of Resource Center with a filtered view of just the project participants—both team members and unnamed resources on the project.
  7. Add Unnamed Resources button—If you have access to edit resources and are on a Premier or Enterprise plan, you can add unnamed resources to a project directly from the Team tab.
  8. Invite buttonAccount Administrators, Project Administrators, and users with invite project permissions can invite additional people to the project. Using the Invite button, you can invite people to the Client or Provider side.


External Project Participants

If you invite a user to the project that is not in your Kantata account and is not connected to your account via the Talent Network, they will appear as an External project participant in the Project Admin box. An external participant is not a member of the account that owns the project. The distinction between internal and external project participants is important only for Providers; Kantata does not make this distinction for Clients.

External project participants have limited access to Kantata OX from within the project. If an external participant is an employee or requires more than View Only project access, you will need to add them to your account or your Talent Network.

If you want to add the external participant as a member on your account, you can click the Invite to Account link by their name in the Team tab.

Note: This link does not appear if the external participant is an account member in another Kantata account.


In the modal that appears, click OK to acknowledge the license terms and add them to your account.


If you need to remove an external participant from a project, go to Settings > Members and select the View your current External Project Participants link. Once you’ve located them, click the number in the Number of Projects column to open their individual page, then select Remove project access next to the project you want to remove them from.


How to Invite People to a Project

With the proper project permissions and account permissions, you can invite people to join your project directly from the Team tab. For more information on inviting people to a project, see Invite Users to a Project.


Note: The ability to invite others to a project is always available to Project Administrators. For all other project permission levels, the ability to invite is determined by the Invite Members to Project setting in Project Permissions Defaults. Regardless of the default setting, Project Administrators can override this for individual project participants by selecting Invite Members to Project in the Project Permissions settings.


How to Add Unnamed Resources to a Project

You can add resources to a project from Resource Center, the Rates & Roles page, or the Project Admin box. Once added, the unnamed resources appear in the Teams tab of the Project Admin box.

  1. Hover over Projects in the left navigation, and then select a recent project. If the project you want to add an unnamed resource to doesn’t appear in the Recent Projects section, select All Projects and locate the project you would like in the Project List.
  2. Once you select the project, click Add Unnamed Resource in the Project Admin box.
  3. In the drop-down that appears, select the role of the unnamed resource that you would like to add to the project. The unnamed resource appears in the Team tab.
    Note: The unnamed resources that you can add to a project are limited to roles that are associated to the project’s rate card.

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