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Cross-Project Scheduling [Early Access]



Cross-Project Scheduling in the newly renamed Resource Center—formerly known as Master Planning—is now available in early access, giving users like you the opportunity to test new features and provide input and feedback. During this time, you're free to enable Cross-Project Scheduling or keep it off until it is generally available. If you would like to participate in early access, have an Account Administrator enable Cross-Project Scheduling via the Early Access page.


The Resource Center—formerly known as Master Planning— is a central location where you can easily manage resource supply and demand and quickly update allocated hours and assignments as project needs change. With the addition of Cross-Project Scheduling in the Team Members tab, you can manage allocated hours at the project level, then drill down into to the task level to manage scheduled hours for your resources.


Regardless of your selected display preference for the Resource Center, the Team Members tab allows you to see scheduled hours for tasks across projects and complete specific actions for the scheduled hours.

To learn more about the Resource Center, actions you can complete for resources at the project level, and allocated hours in the timeline, see Resource Center Overview.

Team Member List

The Team Member list shows named and unnamed resources, the projects they are participating in, and the tasks within those projects that are assigned to them.


In the project row, you can see the resource's number of allocated, scheduled, and actual hours for the project. In the task row, you can see their estimated, scheduled, and actual hours for the task.


For information on different hour types, see Hour Types in Kantata OX.

Scheduled Hours on the Timeline

The Resource Center timeline shows the workload and availability of resources by displaying allocated hours, scheduled hours, or both. Within the Team Members tab, each bar in the task row is a visual representation of how many hours per day each resource is scheduled to work on a given task in a project. The color of each bar corresponds to the project color.

When scheduled hours per day are the same for consecutive days, the bars will combine to create a longer bar. If the hours per day are different for consecutive days—for example, the first two days in a week have 2 scheduled hours and the next three have 4 scheduled hours assigned—the bars will be separate.


From the timeline, you can complete the following actions:

  • Add scheduled hours
  • Edit existing scheduled hours
  • Extend or shorten the date range of the assignment
  • Delete scheduled hours
Note: You can only add and edit scheduled hours for projects you are participating in if you have Project Financials (or higher) project permissions or the permissions to schedule hours for yourself and others.


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