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Organizations Overview



Kantata's Organizations functionality allows you to structure and group your projects and account members by departments and geographies. This gives you the ability to limit access to specific projects in Kantata OX and keep sensitive information safe from unauthorized users. Account Administrators have access to see all projects in an account and cannot be given limited access. This is extremely valuable when operating out of multiple offices where particular projects and/or financial information isn’t openly shared between locations.Organizations.png

Organizations also allow you to restrict which projects your account members may add themselves to voluntarily; an invaluable feature when working with contractors. In addition, organizations help categorize and limit access to project data in Kantata's Analytics reports, allowing you to see how different departments or regions are performing. 

The Organizations functionality works best when only Account Administrators are allowed to create projects. By structuring your account this way, you can better manage each team’s access to specific projects and keep your system configured correctly—giving you the most out of Kantata.

The Organizations Settings are freely available to Enterprise users; they're also available as an add-on for Premier accounts. To enable organizations, contact your Client Success Manager or email our support team at

Note: There's currently a limit of 400 Organizations that can be set up for an account.

If you have existing data, you’ll need to contact Kantata's Optimization Services team to migrate your projects.

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