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Submit a Resource Request



In order to submit, approve, or reject requests, you must first have Resource Requests enabled in your Resource Management Settings.

How to Make a Resource Request for an Unnamed Resource

  1. Go to Planning > Master Planning.


    You can also make a resource request from the Resource Planner or Rates & Roles pages within a project.


  2. By default, the Resources List is grouped by Team Member, which can list both unnamed and named resources.


  3. Expand the Role, and select the unnamed resource for the Project you want to open the Resource side panel.


  4. All requests start as a draft, and information entered is automatically saved.
  5. You can change the Resource Label. This is useful if you need to distinguish between senior and junior-level resources on a project. You can also change the Role to ensure the correct rate is being used.


  6. You can add Skills to differentiate needs, as well as Custom Fields to define additional information, such as if the need is location specific. Remember that Resource Custom Fields do not follow standard User Custom Field permissions but are instead dependent on permissions in Master Planning. In other words, if you can view the resource, you can view all the custom fields. If you can edit, then you can edit the custom fields.


  7. Use the Activity section to send private messages and communicate additional needs or changes.


  8. Select the appropriate person from the Approver drop-down and submit the request. Note that you must select an Approver to submit a request.


  9. Once a request is submitted, you can still add private messages, but no other changes can be made. You can cancel the request, make changes to Custom Fields or Skills, and resubmit.


  10. An Envelope (" ") icon appears next to submitted requests. You can easily find all your submitted requests by using the Resources filter.
  11. You will receive an email notification when the request is approved or denied. If the request is approved, the unnamed resource is replaced with a named resource on the Project.



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