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The Resource Center page is divided into two main sections. The Team Member and Projects lists on the left side of the Resource Center page give you a comprehensive overview of all team members (including roles) currently assigned to the project. You also have access to filters to help you quickly find the resources you’re looking for—by project, team member, role, or skill.

You’ll be able to add resources to projects, submit requests, change unnamed resources to team members, and allocate, edit, and delete resources.


The filters and functionality of this list change depending on whether you've selected the Team Members tab or the Projects tab.

When the Team Members tab is selected, you'll see a list of team members; each member can be individually expanded to see the projects to which they’re assigned, any time off they have scheduled, and their allocated, scheduled, and actual hours for the project.


In the Team Members tab, you can drill down further to see the following task information:

  • All tasks in a project assigned to the resource
  • The task type, status, and other assignees on the task
  • Estimated, scheduled, and actual hours on the task
  • Scheduled hours on a task for the resource

You can also perform actions at the task level, such as distributing or reassigning a resource's scheduled hours.

When the Projects tab is selected, you'll see a list of unarchived projects that can be expanded to show the individual team members and unnamed resources which are assigned to them.

Named and Unnamed Resources

The Team Member and Projects lists are comprised of both named and unnamed resources.

  • Named Resource:
    • A resource to which an individual, named team member has been assigned.
    • Named resources can either have soft or hard allocations.
    • When rates cards are not in use, the projected budget is calculated based on the member’s bill rate.
  • Unnamed Resource:
    • Think of an unnamed resource as a placeholder—a way to indicate a need/demand for a certain role before knowing who will fill that need/demand.
    • Can only be soft allocated.
    • When rates cards are not in use, the projected budget is calculated based on the average bill rate of all members with the same default role.
    • Can be used to fill resourcing needs by allowing users to submit requests.

Allocated, Scheduled, and Actual Hours

In the Team Member and Projects lists, you can view the Allocated, Scheduled, and Actual hours for each resource of each project. These hours represent staffing expectations from three different perspectives.

  • Allocated Hours are the total hours initially allocated to a person to complete a particular project. As a resource manager learns more about the project, they'll be able to adjust allocated hours to accommodate other projects and changing scope needs.
  • Scheduled Hours are the hours that someone is scheduled to work on a particular task. Scheduled hours represent the project manager's plan to complete the project, based on specific tasks and day-to-day assessments.
  • Actual Hours are the hours tracked, to date, for the person. They can be tracked at the task level or at the project level, depending on that person’s account settings.

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