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New Project Permissions [Beta]



Mavenlink's new Project Permissions functionality provides a more intuitive interface and better project access control for account administrators. Currently, this feature can be activated on a project-by-project basis. 


When you access the new Project Permissions page for an individual project and make edits, the new permissions will be officially activated for that project once you click Save for the first time. Please note that you cannot switch back to the legacy Project Permissions for that project after you click Save.


Each user that joins a project is assigned individual Project-level permissions that determine what they are able to do and access within a project. The initial Project Permissions that each participant is automatically assigned are based on their current Account-level permissions, but they can be adjusted on a project-by-project basis.New_project_permissions_page.png

To activate the new permission for a project, click the Actions (“ “) icon at the top of the project workspace next to the project name, and then click Project Permissions.unnamed.png
On the legacy Project Permissions page, click the Click here to try out the new Project Permissions link to go to the new Project Permissions page. New_project_permissions_link.png
If you want to return to the legacy Project Permissions page and have not saved any edits on the new page, click the Click here to return to the legacy Project Permissions link at the top of the new Project Permissions page.Link_to_return_to_Legacy_page.png

New Project Permissions Page

At the top of the new Project Permissions page, you’ll see the Providers and Clients tabs. You can quickly switch back and forth between the two tabs to perform actions for either the provider or client side of the project, such as adjusting permission levels and editing any additional permissions.Providers_and_Clients_tabs.png

Note: The Providers and Clients tab labels will be different if you have set up custom team names.

You can search for a specific project participant by their name in the Search field. Search_bar.png

You can add a project participant to the Provider side of the project by clicking the Add Project Participant drop-down in the top-right corner and selecting an account member. Add_member.png

When you perform an action on this page—such as changing a participant's permission level or adding an additional permission—the Save button in the top-right corner will become active. To apply any changes, click Save. If you want to undo all changes you’ve made on this page and go back to the original permission settings since the last time you saved, click Revert.Revert_and_Save_buttons.png

To open the User Details side panel for a specific project participant, click their profile picture in the Project Participant column. Open_user_side_panel.png

Project Permission Access Levels

Each new Project Permission name indicates the areas of Mavenlink that the project participant can either view or edit. The permission levels are:

  • View Tasks—Participants can view project and task information (excluding any financial information).
  • Edit Tasks—Everything above, plus the ability to post messages, upload files, use the Task Tracker, and log time and expenses.
  • View Financials—Everything above, plus the ability for participants to view project financial information.
  • Edit Financials—Everything above, plus the ability for participants to view and edit rates, set budgets, send and view invoices, edit time, and edit other financial information.
  • Project Administrator—Everything above, plus the ability to change permissions for other users, update milestone weights, and modify project information and settings.

If you're a Project Administrator, you can set or change the permission level for each participant by selecting an option from the Access Level drop-down. Keep in mind that you will be unable to change your own project permission level as a Project Administrator.Assign_project_permission.png

Note: The account member that creates the project is automatically granted Project Administrator privileges.

Team Lead

Click the Team Lead radio button to designate the Team Lead for the Client and Provider side of each project. Team Leads can be anyone in the project, not just Project Administrators. By default, their name and address will appear on project info and invoices.Team_Lead.png

Additional Project Permissions

In the Additional Permissions section, you can assign extra permissions to your project participants—with the exception of Project Administrators—that will give them additional project access.

For example, if a participant has the View Tasks project permission but you want them to also be able to invite users to a project, you would add the Invite Participants to Project as an additional permission.


  • Post to Activity Feed—The participant can post, reply, and upload files to the project’s Activity Feed.
  • Track Expenses—The participant can log expenses on this project.
  • Track Time—The participant can track time on this project.
  • Invite Participants to Project—The participant can invite other team members (or External Project Participants) to the Provider or Client-side of the project.
  • Schedule Hours for Self—The participant can schedule their own project hours.
  • Schedule Hours for Team—The participant can schedule project hours for their team members.

To add additional project access for a project participant, click the Additional Permissions drop-down arrow and then select the desired option(s). Each added option appears in the Additional Permission field above as you add them.Assign_additional_permissions.png

Note: The available additional permissions options will vary depending on the member’s project permission level.

To remove a singular permission, click the Remove (“   ”) icon to the right of the permission.Removing_an_additional_permission.png

If you want to remove all additional permissions for a specific project participant at once, click the Remove (“   “) icon in their Additional Permissions box.Remove_all_permissions.png


Click the More (“   ”) icon in-line with a project participant to either remove them from the project or move them to the Provider or Client side of the project.


Translating the Legacy Project Permissions to New Project Permissions

The new Project Permissions give project participants the same abilities they had before but provide more clarity and better project access control for account administrators. To help you figure out which new permission levels your participants should be assigned based on their legacy Project Permissions, please refer to the chart and comparison scenarios below:

Legacy Project Permissions   New Project Permissions
Administrator > Project Administrator
Financials (Default) > Edit Financials
Financials (View Only) > View Financials
Time & Expense (Default) > Edit Tasks
Time & Expense (View Only) > View Tasks
Contributor (Default) > Edit Tasks
Contributor (View Only) > View Tasks


Legacy to New Project Permissions Scenarios

In our legacy Project Permissions scenario, each project participant represents a single project permission level:


In our new scenario, the participants have Access Level and Additional Permissions options that mirror the legacy Project Permissions scenario levels. New_Project_Permissions_Translation.png

If you have any questions about the new Project Permissions functionality, you can reach out to support at

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