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Insights Classic: Create a New Dashboard

Create custom classic dashboards in Insights that meet your company's needs and empower you to make data-driven decisions. For dynamic dashboards, please visit the Managing Dynamic Dashboards article.

User Permissions Needed: Account Administrator
Insights Permissions: Can Edit

  1. In the left navigation, hover over Settings, then select Insights.
  2. On the Insights Settings page, click the Dashboards tab if you're not already there.
  3. Next, click the Create New Insights Dashboard button.
    Note: Up to 200 Insights dashboards can be created per account.
  4. Your new dashboard will appear at the bottom of the Custom dashboard list.
  5. Click inside the dashboard name field and provide your new name.
  6. To start editing the dashboard and adding content, select the Navigate icon.

When you first create a custom dashboard, you’ll only be able to access it from Settings > Insights. To add the dashboard to the Insights left-hand nav bar for yourself and other people, assign the dashboard some classic Insights Access Groups.


You can also create a new custom dashboard by cloning an existing dashboard. This is useful if you want to make minor changes to an existing dashboard or reuse elements in a dashboard.

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