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Project Templates Overview

Account Permissions Needed: Project Creator (or higher)



We know that some projects can be complex—with multiple tasks, deliverables and milestones. When you create templates in Mavenlink, or using the Mavenlink API , you’ll be able to define a common structure for your high frequency projects without having to start from scratch each time. It's a great way to consistently reproduce project details such as descriptions, durations, budgets, and currency.

Here are some of the features you'll get when you create project templates:

  • Budgets—Include time estimates and weighted milestones for your tasks.
  • Resource Mapping—You can create unnamed resources and map real account members so that they are automatically invited to the project and assigned tasks.
  • Time—Enter a Start day (the day on which the task starts, relative to the project start day) and Duration for each task.
  • Checklists—Save time by adding checklist items directly to your template.
  • Gantt—Any dependencies that you create in the gantt chart will be automatically reflected in the template.
  • Tasks—Create a template that contains commonly recurring tasks; you can apply these tasks to an existing project at any time by clicking the Apply a Template (“   ”) button in the project's Task Tracker tab, or during the initial creation of a project.

A template is available to other account members by default. To make it availably only to you, uncheck the Shared box above the Template Name.Shared.png

Settings & Permissions

If you do not see the template you created in the Use a template drop-down (when attempting to apply a template to a project), keep in mind that templates with budget information do not appear if the project's Financials have been disabled in Project Settings. Only projects with Financials enabled will inherit budget information from a template.Use-a-Template.png

The following permission levels apply:

  • Project Leads (and above)—Create and edit budgeted templates.
  • Project Creators (and above)—Create and edit templates.
  • Users with Project Financials access—Add budgeted templates.
  • Clients—Access and view non-budgeted templates.

If a member is removed from an account, any project templates they have created are also removed from the account. To keep the member's project templates, you need to clone the templates before you remove the member.

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