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Project Templates Overview

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We know that some projects can be complex—with multiple tasks, deliverables and milestones. When you create templates you’ll be able to define a common structure for your high frequency projects without having to start from scratch each time. It's a great way to consistently reproduce project details such as descriptions, durations, budgets, and currency.

Here are some of the features you'll get when you create project templates:

  • Budgets—Include time estimates and weighted milestones for your tasks.
  • Resource Mapping—When you create resource placeholders and map account members they will be automatically invited to the project and assigned tasks.
  • Time—Enter a Start day (the day on which the task starts, relative to the project start day) and Duration for each task.
  • Checklists—Save time by adding checklist items directly to your template.
  • Gantt—Any dependencies that you create in the gantt chart will be automatically reflected in the template.
  • Recurring Tasks—Create a template with commonly recurring tasks and apply it to a project at any time.

To make a template available to other account members, select the Shared checkbox above the Template Name. The following permission levels apply:

  • Project Leads (and above)—Create and edit budgeted templates.
  • Project Creators (and above)—Create and edit templates.
  • Users with Project Financials access—Add budgeted templates.
  • Clients—Access and view non-budgeted templates.

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