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At Mavenlink, we know that Tasks, Deliverables, and Milestones are the building blocks used to prioritize and schedule your work. That’s why we're here to help you with this important aspect of project management.


Task Types

Before collaborating in a Project Workspace, it’s important to clarify with your team the difference between a Task, Deliverable, and Milestone.

  • Tasks are items that need to be completed. 
  • Deliverables are things that need to be produced, such as documents. 
  • Milestones are project deadlines, marking the completion of a phase or stage of a project. 
  • Issues are bugs or items that need to be resolved. 

Whether you’re using Gantt charts, the global Tasks list, or project Task Tracker, tasks help you visualize the work breakdown structure of a project. Communicating project requirements in the Task Tracker shows your team what needs to be accomplished to move on to the next Task, Milestone, or Deliverable.

You can also add task dependencies in the Gantt chart to help define relationships between tasks and visualize the sequence in which they must be completed in order to close a project. To learn how to add task dependencies, see the Gantt Chart Dependencies article. 

Project Task Tracker

The project Task Tracker is a project-specific list of tasks, deliverables, milestones, or issues that are required to complete a project. You can access the Task Tracker in the project workspace by clicking on the Task Tracker tab.


Global Task Tracker

The global Tasks Tracker offers a customizable overview of all tasks, deliverables, milestones, or issues across all your projects—including those that have been completed or archived. The global Tasks Tracker can be configured and filtered to show only information that is relevant to you. 


To access the global Tasks Tracker, hover over Tasks from the left-side nav bar and then select All Tasks.

Tasks Gantt

The Tasks Gantt chart provides a high-level overview of your tasks for all active projects on your account. This helps you manage timelines and/or conflicts and share cross-project information for your users and other participants.


To access the Tasks Gantt, hover over Tasks from the left-side nav bar and then select Tasks Gantt.

The Display Dropdown

(Premier Feature)

Mavenlink Premier customers can select from the following views: Task Information, Task Progress, Task Finances, Resource Scheduling, Milestone Weighting, or Issue Tracking. These views give you an immediate look into a project’s status, start and due dates, allocated team members, estimated and actual hours, budget, and more.


Getting the Most Out of Tasks

With a project selected, click on the Activity tab. Here you can see both the project’s Activity Feed and Upcoming Tasks. Clicking on the title of any task will open the Details side panel where you can quickly update status and resource allocation, view associated files, and more.


You can also access linked files, including Google Drive docs, wherever tasks appear. If you’re looking for a particular task, make sure to try our robust filtering and sorting tools, accessible from the top of the Global/Project Task Tracker.


To learn how to filter the Task Tracker, see our article about the Filters modal.

The following Sort options are available:

  • Order (default)—Sorts your tasks in the order you’ve arranged them. If you haven’t moved any tasks, they will be sorted by date added, from newest to oldest.
  • Priority—Sorted from highest to lowest priority level.
  • Upcoming—Tasks with a status of Not Started are sorted by Start date, from the newest to the oldest. Tasks with a status of Started or Needs Info are sorted by Due date, from newest to oldest. When tasks have the same Start or Due date, the one with the most recent activity appears first. Tasks with an overdue Start date will always appear at the top.
  • Updated—Sorts tasks by those with the most recent activity, in descending order.
  • Added—Sorted by date added, from newest to oldest.

Task Details Side Panel

  • Click on the title of a task to open the Task Details side panel.
    From here, you can access and view counts of Activity posts, linked Files, Checklists, and more.
  • In the Description field, you can write notes, add Tags, update the Status, and the Start/Due Date of the task at hand.
  • If you have a Premier account and are logged in as an Project Administrator, you can set the budget and edit billable hours within the Time & Fees section.


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