Gantt Charts

  • Gantt Chart Overview

    [ Enterprise | Premier | Professional | Teams ] Overview Mavenlink's Gantt chart converts your project plan into a graphical representation of the ...

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  • Global Gantt Chart

    [ Enterprise | Premier | Professional | Teams ] The Global Gantt chart provides a high-level overview of active projects, allowing you to visually ...

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  • Local Gantt Chart

    [ Enterprise | Premier | Professional | Teams ]  The Local Gantt chart is a more detailed look at each of your projects and the current status of a...

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  • Manage Tasks in the Local Gantt

    [ Enterprise | Premier | Professional | Teams ]  Step-by-Step How to Add a Task In the Local Gantt, click the Add (“   ”) icon on the right of the...

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  • Gantt Chart Dependencies

    [ Enterprise | Premier | Professional | Teams ]  In the Local Gantt chart, dependencies allow you to define relationships between tasks and visuali...

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  • Save a Baseline and Snapshots in Gantt

    [ Enterprise | Premier ]  At Mavenlink, we realize that the initial scope of your project can change throughout its lifecycle. We also know that be...

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  • Print a Gantt Chart

    [ Enterprise | Premier | Professional | Teams ]  Step-by-Step How to Print a Gantt Chart Click the Print button from the timeline header. Configur...

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  • [Webinar] Gantt Chart Secrets Revealed

      Mavenlink's dynamic Gantt Charts illustrate your project’s progress in real time, bringing clarity to due dates, dependencies, critica...

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  • [Video] Optimize Project Timelines with Gantt Charts

    With Mavenlink Gantt Charts, you can create a visual timeline of a project's progress, optimize your team's productivity, and quickly assess task...

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