• Tasks Overview

    [ Enterprise | Premier | Professional | Teams | Free ] At Mavenlink, we know that Tasks, Deliverables, and Milestones are the building blocks used ...

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  • Follow a Task

    [All Plans] Individuals, who want to monitor the progress of a task, but aren't responsible for the work, can add themselves as followers to the ta...

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  • Task Details Side Panel

    [Free, Teams, Professional, Premier, Enterprise] The Task Details Panel gives you greater visibility and context into the details of all your tasks...

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  • Configurable Global Task List

    [Teams, Professional, Premier, Enterprise] You can customize the Global Task List to view information that is most relevant to you. The Global Task...

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  • Nesting Tasks

    [Free, Teams, Professional, Premier]You now have the ability to capture your entire project breakdown and nest up to five levels of tasks, issues, ...

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  • Issue Tracking Overview

    [Available to Free, Teams, Professional, and Premier Customers] What are Issues?Issues are action items that weren’t part of the original project ...

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  • Task Tracker

    [Free, Teams & Premier] Task Tracker is a list of all the work, milestones, and deliverables associated with a project. Have a specific report ...

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  • Task Checklists

    [All Customers] Our new Task Checklists feature makes it easy to jot down what is necessary for a task to get completed. This feature can be found...

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  • Use Tasks to Keep Conversations Organized

      You can continue a conversation on your tasks from anywhere you can see them, such as a project’s Task Tracker, the Global Task Tracker, your Da...

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