• Tasks Overview

    [ Enterprise | Premier | Professional | Teams | Free ] Overview At Mavenlink, we know that Tasks, Deliverables, and Milestones are the building blo...

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  • Task Tracker

    [ Enterprise | Premier | Professional | Teams | Free ] The Task Tracker is a list of all the work, milestones, and deliverables associated with a p...

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  • Task Details Side Panel

    [ Enterprise | Premier | Professional | Teams | Free ] The Task Details side panel gives you instant access to task details and information, provid...

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  • Global Tasks List

    [ Enterprise | Premier | Professional | Teams | Free ] OverviewThe global Tasks list is a customizable overview of all tasks, deliverables, milesto...

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  • Archive a Task

    After completing a task, you may want to remove it from the project. The best way to do this is to archive the task; this way, the task can still b...

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  • Nesting Tasks

    [Free, Teams, Professional, Premier]You now have the ability to capture your entire project breakdown and nest up to five levels of tasks, issues, ...

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  • Use Tasks to Keep Conversations Organized

      You can continue a conversation on your tasks from anywhere you can see them, such as a project’s Task Tracker, the Global Task Tracker, your Da...

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  • Issue Task Types

    [ Enterprise | Premier | Professional | Teams | Free ]  What are Issues? Issues are action items that weren’t part of the original project plan, bu...

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