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Unarchiving a Task



Archiving tasks for a project can help keep tasks that need to be completed front and center, or hide tasks without having to re-enter them again if a project has been put on hold. You can unarchive tasks when the project is ready to start

How to Unarchive a Task

  1. Hover over Projects on the left-hand nav bar. If the project containing the task you'd like to unarchive doesn't appear in the Recent Projects section, click All Projects and find it from the Project List tab on the Projects page.left-nav-projects-select-a-project.png
  2. Once you've selected a project and are in the project workspace, click on the Task Tracker tab. Task-Tracker-NCW.png
  3. Select the More icon (" ") in Task Tracker, and then check View Archived Taskstasks-new-archive-task-checkbox.png
  4. The task table shows only archived tasks. Click on the Task Title you want to unarchive from the table to open the Task Details side panel. task-tracker-archive-task-list.png 
  5. Select the Unarchive icon ("  ") from the top-right of the Task Details side panel. You can only unarchive one task at a time. task-details-side-panel-unarchive-button.png
  6. Click OK to unarchive the task. task-tracker-unarchive-task-confirm.png
  7. The unarchived task appears at the top of the Task Tracker. You can re-order it as necessary.task-tracker-unarchived-task.png

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