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Project Collaboration

As today’s enterprise organizations continue to expand their use of social networking applications and networks to build internal communities and bring social capabilities into work processes, it is crucial they adopt solutions that focus on improving productivity and profitability in addition to providing collaborative functionality. In its Sept. 2013 report entitled “Critical Capabilities for Social Software in the Workplace,” leading analyst firm Gartner Research suggests those businesses who are looking to adopt solutions should focus on tools that both provide collaboration capabilities and align with internal business objectives around improving team productivity.

 With Mavenlink's Linked Posts feature, we’ve taken collaboration to a level not found in many of today’s leading enterprise social networking tools that focus on basic conversations -- we give you access to collaboration with your team where you need it most to accomplish your project objectives. Linked Posts enables you to collaborate with your team directly on a task, whether that occurs in your project’s Task Tracker, the Activity Feed or on the Traveling Task light box.

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That post will follow the task it is linked to throughout your Mavenlink experience, enabling you to keep track of and organize your collaboration around tasks to improve efficiency and keep projects on track. Better yet, for those projects you're active in, Linked Posts are accessible via many reports, including the Project Details, Time Tracking and Utilization reports, giving you and your teams access to the posts throughout its lifecycle.

In addition to Linked Posts, our Budgeted Templates feature enables Premier members to add budget and time estimates on templates, improving your ability to refine the duration of a task and its associated budget, making margin maximization and timeline expectations routine.

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