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Subscription Plans

Mavenlink offers several subscription plans; whether you’re an individual, a small team, or a large business looking for ways to collaborate, we have you covered. Visit our Plans Comparison page to or select one of the following to see the complete features for each plan:

  • Enterprise 
  • Premier
  • Professional
  • Team

How to Check Your Plan in Mavenlink

If you're an Account Administrator, you can visit the Settings > Plan page in Mavenlink to see what plan you're currently using and monitor active licenses on your subscription. Before adding or removing users, it's a good idea to check the number of seats you are currently using from your contracted total.


You can add new members up to your contracted seat count. Once you reach your license limit, you will need to contact your Client Success Representative in order to proceed. Alternatively, you can remove a user from the account in order to immediately create an available spot for a new user. 


Enterprise and Premier Plans

Our Enterprise and Premier plans are tailored to meet your large project management needs; with the power of real-time availability forecasting, hard and soft resource allocation, rate cards, analytics, Insights custom reporting, advanced integrations, and more.

To see what the Enterprise and Premier plans have to offer, please visit our plan comparison page. Click Try For Free on your preferred plan, or send your contact information and estimated number of users to to request a quote. Once we hear from you, one of our representatives will be in touch to discuss your organization’s needs.

The pricing for our Enterprise and Premier plans varies, based on the number of users; multi-year contracts also enjoy additional benefits, such as discounted pricing and locked rates for the length of the selected term.

Professional and Teams Plans

Our Professional and Teams plans are well suited for small to medium businesses that need all the essentials of task and project management.

To see the complete features and view current pricing for the Professional and Teams plans, please visit our plan comparison page. Keep in mind that the price per-user for Professional is based on an annual contract.

We offer a free trial of both plans, so you can start managing your projects with Mavenlink today

  • Professional—To start your free trial of our Professional plan, click here.
  • Teams—To start your free trial of our Teams plan, click here.

We won’t ask for any payment information right away; if you decide to continue using Mavenlink after the ten-day trial has ended, you can simply enter your credit card details to activate the plan. If things change, you can upgrade or change the details of your Subscription plan at any time by hovering over Settings on the left-hand nav bar and selecting Plan from the Billing section.

Each time you add a user to your Teams plan, you’ll be charged a prorated amount of the monthly cost per user, based on the time remaining in the current subscription term. Likewise, if you decide to remove a user from your plan, a decrease in pricing will be reflected on your bill at the beginning of the next billing period.

Free Plan

Mavenlink also offers a free plan which includes project collaboration, task management, and integration with Google Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. Our upgraded plans, however, include advanced features such as our Insights reporting tool, Gantt charts, QuickBooks integration, real-time analytics, visual Master Planning, project templates, and much more.

We offer discounted pricing options for non-profits. Reach out to for more information.

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