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Multi-Role Resourcing in Projects



With the Multi-Role Resourcing feature in Kantata OX, team members can perform multiple roles on the same project, so you can better manage project margins and billing rates.


When a team member has multiple roles on a project, time tracked against an assignment will automatically use the correct bill rate for the assigned role (as set in Rate Cards).

Role Types

Here's a breakdown of the different types of roles there are in Kantata OX:

  • Account Role—This is the main role assigned to a member in the Account Members page.
  • Primary Project Role—This is the main role assigned to a team member for a specific project. This defaults to the Account Role (above) unless otherwise overridden.
  • Multiple Project Roles—In addition to the Primary Project Role, a team member can be assigned and perform multiple roles within a project.



To get the most out of Multi-Role Resourcing, be sure to set up your Roles and have Rate Cards enabled in your Account Settings.

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