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Skills Overview

[Premier and Enterprise Customers]

With Mavenlink Skills, you can staff your projects with the individuals who are available and most qualified to do the work. Account Administrators have the ability to create a custom skills library for their organization, assign skills to individuals and adjust proficiency levels as resources develop more experience. Using Master Planning, Resource Managers can find the exact people that they are looking for based on a certain set of skills.

Getting Started

By hovering over Settings, Administers can access the Skills section. For your convenience, Mavenlink has provided a CSV template so that you can bulk import skills into Mavenlink. There are four areas you will need to fill out to create a skill. These are:

  • Skill Name - We recommend keeping this fairly brief so that it’s easy to identify quickly
  • Description - Enter detail here to help clarify what this skill is
  • Type - You can choose between skill, language, certification, or other to help categorize your skills
  • Max Level - A skill can either have levels or not. For example, certifications frequently do not have levels.  Skill levels can range from 1-5 depending on the resource’s proficiency in that skill.

Once you’ve created your skills, you can assign skills to Account Members either from the Skills Detail Panel:

 Or from the Account Members Detail Panel:

Currently, only Admins can assign skills and adjust the proficiency level. In the future, Mavenlink will be adding the ability for Reports Viewers to also assign skills and proficiency levels.

To see availability by skills (including proficiency levels), Reports Viewers and Account Admins can navigate to Master Planning. Selecting the dropdown arrow to the right of Skills allows filtering for the skills necessary to successfully execute your projects.

This view allows you to further filter by roles to identify available account members with the required proficiency levels, as well as view the projects that they are currently committed to work on.

Building out your organization's skills library provides gives you an overall perspective of the utilization and availability of resources with the skills needed to deliver a specific project and schedule the appropriate and strongest resources for the job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the option to filter by “All” vs. “Any”? 

  • The “All” filter allows you to filter to find those available resources who possess all of the skills you are seeking. If I need a resource that requires strong communication, writing, and client interaction skills, I may choose to select “all” which will filter to find those resources that possess strong communication, writing and client interaction skills.
  • The “Any” feature filters for resources that may contain one or more of these skill sets. It may be nice to have a resources with all of those skills, although I have a resource with strong communication skills and this is the primary skill required to complete this job. With this option, I can broaden my option of available resources to get the job done. The “Any” feature enables you to choose a resource that may be less costly (based on skill sets) in order to increase your profit margins.

How can I see who is available that has the specific skills I am looking for?

  • Filter by the desired skills, and role (as desired) and use the highlight feature on the right hand side to highlight account member resources that are over or under a certain threshold. 

Am I able to filter both by Roles and Skills?

  • Yes, Master Planning allows you to pinpoint the skills you need for the roles that you are looking for. To get the most out of this functionality, ensure that your account members have default roles set with the applicable skills.

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