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Insights Overview

Available in: Enterprise and Premier

Get the visibility you need to make swift, informed decisions with interactive business intelligence reports and a powerful custom reporting engine.

Insights is an add-on feature of the Mavenlink Premier plan. It can be activated on your account for an additional fee. Please contact your Client Success Manager or email us at to purchase Insight or request training.

Key Features

  • Over 100 expert-built reports automatically answer key questions impacting profitability, utilization, and project success. 
  • Filter, clone, and modify any report
  • Ad hoc report builder to develop your own unique reports and dashboards

Eight Dashboards of Insights Reports


  • All about my “top line” results. How do budget actuals compare with my schedule? How much value have I earned?

Margin & Cost

  • Discover what’s impacting my bottom line. What is each project’s profitability, both currently and the estimate at complete (EAC)?


  • Reports puts a fresh focus on managing company resources, analyzing both past performance and future potential.
  • Show how busy my team is and how much of their work is billable. Also learn who is scheduled, which resources are available, and when.


  • The Resourcing Dashboard is focused on resource availability and facilitates assignments by allowing users to view Master Planning demand with availability of resources.

Time & Expense Admin

  • Assess where my resources are spending their time, and verify that it aligns with expectations.
  • Reports focused on time and expense entry analysis with visibility into the state of the entries: Unsubmitted, Unapproved, Rejected etc.
  • There is a breakout of time and expenses for projects that do not require approval to focus on those unapproved transactions that require approval.

Project Details

  • Drill down into specific projects or groups of projects. Understand key status metrics (financial, hour burned, percent complete) to assess project health.

Recurring and Retainer

  • Show the recurring revenue streams within their respective months
  • Comparison of actual fees burn to budgets and invoices on a monthly basis.
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