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Create a Project From a Template


How to Create a Project from an Existing Template

  1. On the left-hand nav bar, hover over Templates and select All Templates.
  2. In the Actions column, click the Create Project icon for the template that you want to use.
  3. On the Create a Project page, you can adjust general details of the project.
  4. You’ll notice your selected template in the Template section. You can click Select a Project Template to change it.
    Note: Templates that have budgets enabled will only appear in the Select a Project Template drop-down menu if the project that you are creating has Financials enabled.


  5. In the Template Preferences section, you can enable weekends as workdays, and set a relative start date for the project.
  6. In addition, you have the option to map your resources to account members, automatically inviting and assigning them to the appropriate tasks.
  7. When you’re ready, click Create Project on either the top or bottom-right.
  8. The project will appear in your projects list. Any edits that you make in the new project will not affect the original template.


Members with account permissions of Project Creator (or higher) can easily move tasks from one project to another by first creating a template from an existing project and then creating a new project from that template. Click Templates in the left-hand nav bar, click Template from Project on top right, and select the project to clone. When you're done, follow the instructions in this article to create a new project from that template.

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