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Create a Project From a Template

From the left-hand navigation bar, hover on Templates and select All Templates. Identify which template you want to turn into a project and click on the Create Project icon in the Actions column.


You’ll then land on the Create a New Project page, as shown below. You’ll see details like the budget from your template applied here. Edit your project as needed and click Create Project.

From here, a light box will pop-up prompting you to fill out more details such as date your template’s relative dates will refer to. At this point, you can select whether to treat weekends like workdays which means that your task’s duration will include weekend days. You’ll also have the option to map your resource placeholders to account members, automatically inviting and assigning those account members to the appropriate tasks.

When you’re ready click Apply and you will be directed to the Project Task Tracker. You’re now ready to begin your project!

From your new project, you can edit your tasks and it will not affect your master template.
Note: You can also add a template to a project from the Project → Add New button on the left-hand navigation.


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