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Clone a Template


At times, you may want to create a template that is similar to an existing template, with only a few differences. Instead of creating a new template and duplicating the information manually, you can quickly clone an existing one and make only the changes you need. 

How to Clone a Template

  1. In the left navigation, hover over Templates and select All Templates.
  2. Under the Actions column on the right side of the Project Templates page, click the Clone icon associated with the template you want to clone. The cloned template appears at the top of the project template list with the original name appended with the word "Clone".
  3. Click the cloned template title to open the Edit Template page and make any necessary adjustments—such as changing the cloned Template Title. To learn more about the Edit Template page, see the Create a New Template article. Edit_template_page.png
    Note: Each project template has a 100,000 Character Limit. This amount is the cumulative total of all fields in the template. Your current character count will update when you click Save.
  4. To share the template with other members, select either Shared (View Only) or Shared (Can Edit) in the Sharing drop-down.sharing_dropdown.png
  5. When you've completed the necessary edits, click Save and Close to return to the Project Templates page.save_and_close_a_cloned_template.png

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