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Create a Template from a Project

Account Permissions Needed: Project Creator (or higher)


You can create templates from any of your projects. Doing so facilitates more accurate quoting and better representation of the complexity of work your team does for clients. Note that if you have archived tasks you want to include in the template, you first need to unarchive the tasks.

How to Create a Template from an Existing Project

  1. From the left-hand nav bar, select Templates.
  2. On the Project Templates page, click the Template from Project button in the Templates toolbar. project-templates-template-from-project-button.png
  3. Choose the project you want to use and click Select. If you have a lot of projects, you can search for the one you want using the search field. templates-new-template-from-project-select-highlighted.png
  4. When you create a template from your project, the project name is duplicated and the word "Clone" is added to the end. You can change the name if you want. templates-template-from-project-name-clone-default.png
  5. The Project Templates page automatically populates with that project’s task types, subtasks and corresponding information, like Description, Budget, Duration, Start date, and Checklist items. template-project-tasks-copied.png You can change the order of Tasks and subtasks, as well as edit their titles, descriptions, budgets, time, start, duration, add checklist items, and more. You can also delete Tasks and subtasks, and add new ones.
  6. To make the template available to other account members, check the Shared box above the Template Name. templates-template-from-project-shared-box.png
  7. Resources do not copy over; however, you can add them by clicking the Resources tab. You can use unnamed resources as placeholders to indicate demand for roles before you know who can fill them. Only the roles that you’ve created in Settings > Roles will be available when clicking in the Add Role drop-down. When you create a project from this template, each role can be mapped to a named or new unnamed resource.
  8. When ready, save your new template.
  9. Now you can create a project from this template; see the Create a Project from a Template article for more information.

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