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Share a Template


When you create a project template, you, as the template owner, can share it with other users so they can either view or edit it depending on which Sharing option you choose.

Sharing a Template

  1. Select Templates in the left navigation.
  2. On the Project Templates page, select the template you would like to share on the Templates tab.
  3. On the Edit Template page, select either Shared (View Only) or Shared (Can Edit) from the Sharing drop-down menu.
    • Shared (View Only)—When selected, other members can view the template.
    • Shared (Can Edit)—When selected, other members can edit the template.
    Note: An account administrator can edit templates that have the Shared (View Only) option selected, even if they aren't the template owner.
  4. Click Save. The shared template now appears to all members on the Project Templates page.

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