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Add Time Off

Time off can be added in the Schedule section of the User Details side panel. By default, only Account Administrators can manage time off. Other user types can be given permission to add, edit, or remove time off via Time & Expense settings.

All time off added for past dates will appear in the Resource Center, the project’s Resourcing tab, and the Task Details side panel. The User Details side panel only displays upcoming time off.

How to Add Time Off

  1. To open the User Details side panel, click on a member’s name or profile picture from most places in Kantata OX.
  2. Click the Schedule tab. In the Upcoming Time Off section, click Add Time Off.
  3. In the Time Off menu select the Start Date and End Date for the days off.
  4. The amount of hours requested off per day is auto-filled in the Hours field(s) to the right of each date. These numbers are auto-populated based on the weekly hours set in your account's default workweek. If you need to change the amount of hours requested off for a particular day, click or tap on the time you want to adjust and enter the new amount. For example, if you only want to take two hours off on Tuesday, enter “2” in the Hours field.Time-Off-Adjust-Hours.png
    Note: If the entire time off request is during a scheduled holiday or non-business day, the amount for that day will automatically default to zero and ability to Save will be disabled.
  5. When you’re done, click Save.
  6. Click the Edit (“ ”) icon to adjust the number of days or hours of time off requested. If you are adding days directly preceding or following the time entry you can simply select new start or end dates. If you are deleting days from the time entry, change the hours to 0 for those days.
  7. Click the Delete (“ ”) icon to remove the time off entry.
  8. Click Add Time Off again to create additional entries.


If you add time off on dates directly preceding or following an existing time off entry, a separate entry will not be created; the original entry will simply be adjusted. For example, if time off has already been requested for October 25th and you create another time off entry for October 26th, the original entry will simply be extended from October 25th to October 26th.

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