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How to Enter Time From a Project


How to Enter Time from a Project

Users with account permissions of Collaborator (or higher) can enter time and expenses directly from the Time & Expenses tab within a project.

  1. Hover over Projects in the left navigation and then select the project.
  2. In the project workspace, click the Time & Expenses tab.
  3. Click in the Begin typing to select a task field under What do you want to track? and a drop-down menu appears, populated with a list of tasks. To narrow your search, start typing all or part of a task name.
  4. Select the task you want to track time against.
    Note: Any time tracked directly against a project (instead of a task or deliverable) will appear in an invoice as General Hours.
    • If the field contains the shadow text No tasks assigned to you, it means that Require Assignment for Time and Expense Tracking is enabled in Time & Expense settings and you must first be assigned to a task in this project in order to select one from this field.
  5. The remaining fields are optional. Click on these fields to enter or edit information. You can change or remove roles, add notes, or mark whether the time is Billable. If Rate Cards are enabled, the Using Rate Card field is populated with the default rate for the selected Role; click in this field to enter a Custom Rate.
  6. In the Date and Time section, click on the Calendar icon to select the date for the time entry.
  7. In the Time field, enter the duration—longer than one minute, but less than 24 hours—using ‘h’ for hours and ‘m’ for minutes (for example, 7h 45m).
  8. If one or more active locations have been added to the account, you can use the Location field to specify where the work was performed. If Time & Expense Settings or individual Account Member settings require a location when tracking time, you will need to select one from the Location field before you can save.Location-Time-Entry-Fade.png
  9. When you’re done, click Save.Save-icon.png

Note: Until a time entry has been submitted, it can be edited or deleted by clicking on the Edit and Delete icons in the time entries table.

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