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Global Tasks Tracker



The global Tasks Tracker is a customizable overview of all tasks, deliverables, milestones, or issues across all your projects—including those that have been completed or archived. The global Tasks Tracker can be configured and filtered to show only information that is relevant to you.


To access the global Tasks Tracker, hover over Tasks from the left-side nav bar and then select All Tasks.

Add or Remove Columns

Use the Columns drop-down menu to add or remove columns. There are several types of columns that you can add to help maximize your workflow, including Task Custom Fields. If you don't see the column you are looking for, you can quickly search for a particular column name using the Search Columns field.


Reorder Column Order

By dragging and dropping a column name in the Columns drop-down menu, you can change the order that they appear in the global Tasks Tracker. This way, you can see information that's more important to you first.Globla-Tasks-List-Column-ANI.gif

Filter Column Information

Click on a filter icon to apply filters to one or more of the following columns: Type, Status, Assignees, Archived, Start, Due, Priority, Project, Review Date, Creator, Groups, Followers, custom dates, and custom list fields. You can apply filters to multiple columns at once to only show the information that is relevant to you.Global-Task-List-Filter-2.png

When you are finished setting options in the filter panel, click Apply; you’ll notice that the filter icon will turn from an outline to solid , indicating that the filter is active. You can remove filters one column at a time by clicking Clear in the upper-right corner of the filter panel or all filters by clicking Clear All from the filter summary bar.

Access Preset Views

The global Tasks Tracker offers a number of predefined views: Information, Progress, Financial, Resource, Issue Tracking, Your Tasks, Your Issues, or Your Followed Tasks. These views give you an immediate look into a task's status, start and due dates, assigned team members, estimated and actual hours, budget, and more.Global-Task-List-Your-Views.png

If you prefer one of the preset views, you can set it as the default by checking the Default box found to the right of the selected view's name. Otherwise, the global Tasks Tracker defaults to Your View.

Customize Your View

If you can't find a favorite preset, you can create your own by customizing the Your View default. Just select which columns you want to include, their order, and apply some filters. When you're finished, click Save (or Update if previously customized) so that you can easily access it again later. By default, Your View has the following columns selected: Type, Title, Tags, Assignees, Status, Start, and Due.


Export Task List

You can export tasks across all your projects in a comma-separated value (CSV) or Microsoft Excel file. The exported spreadsheet can contain information from all possible columns or just the columns chosen for your view.


Although the Export option is available to everyone, some financial information will only be visible to users with View Financials project permissions (or higher).

Refresh Task List

Click Refresh List in the top-right corner of the screen to refresh the list and display the most recent tasks for all your projects. refresh_list_globaltasks_copy.png

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