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Task Details Side Panel

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The Task Details Panel gives you greater visibility and context into the details of all your tasks.

Simply click on the title of a task and the panel slides in from the right side. To close the details panel, you can click the ‘X’ in the upper-right corner, click the row of the open task, or press ‘esc’.

Details Relevant to You
The task details panel lets you see the details that are most important to you. The header is always visible, displaying key information such as the title, status, and priority of your task, and counts of Activity posts, Checklists, Files, and Proofs. Further details are contained within a single, scrollable page, saving you time and clicks. All task information is more easily accessible, including Custom Fields specific to your account.

If there is any information that is not relevant to your workflow, you can simply hide that section. Sections that you hide will stay hidden as you view the details of different tasks. You can always expand your hidden sections when you do want to see those details.

Navigation and Context
With all details on a single page, it’s easy to quickly jump to the right section of information via the tabs in the task details panel header.

The task details panel allows you to always see where you are in relation to other task in the task tracker. You can quickly access the details of other tasks in the list, keeping you in the same section you are working in.

You’ll also see this same panel anywhere that you previously accessed task details in Mavenlink. You can keep the context of what you are working on, anywhere from the Dashboard to Analytics.

You’ll always have access to a task breadcrumb, showing you parent tasks as well as a dropdown of all subtasks. This allows you to easily navigate throughout a group of tasks. If you’re not already in a project, the top of the task details panel will also show you the project that task is in.

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