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How to Track Time

There are multiple ways that you can track time within Mavenlink:

  • Time Clock—Begin tracking time on the top right of your screen from the moment you login.
  • Time Entries—For manually adding time and project details.
  • Timesheets—Allow you to create time entries from a week view across all your projects.
  • Chrome Extension—Easily track and submit time from a specific project while browsing the web.
  • Mobile App—Away from your computer? Easily access your time clock from your mobile device.

How to Add Time via Universal Time Entry

To begin tracking time immediately, navigate to the top right of your screen and start by clicking on the green play button in the Universal Time Entry form.

Universal-Time-Entry.png You can also log time from the left-hand navigation bar by clicking on Time Entries and then click on Time & Expenses.

How to Add Time via Time Entries

  • Select a project name
  • Add a task (optional)
  • Type additional notes (optional)
  • Mark the checkbox if it’s Billable (revenue-generating hours)

Add time manually for the selected project, then click Save. Time added must be at least over 1:00 minute long but less than 24 hours.


Note: Depending on your permissions settings, not all of these fields will be available. If the time is billable, your pre-set Bill Rate will show up in that field. An Account Administrator can change your rate under Account > Members and then click Edit next to your photo or from the Rate Card, if Rate Cards are enabled.  

How to Add Time via Timesheets


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