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Custom Branding Overview




As an Admin on Mavenlink, you can customize Mavenlink’s user interface to match your brand. When you invite others to participate in your projects, or add them to your account, they will see your logo and colors, making Mavenlink feel like an extension of your website and brand. 

It really only takes only a few minutes to fully customize your Mavenlink experience.

  • Log into Mavenlink and go to your Settings Tab.
  • Under Customizations, navigate to Custom Branding.
  • From there click on Edit your Custom Branding, and follow the steps.
  • Maximum file upload size: 100 MB.
  • Recommended logo dimensions: 220px by 220px.

A few tips:

  • If your logo looks fuzzy, you probably need a larger image file. Account admins can sign into Mavenlink and upload a logo on the custom branding page (Settings → Custom Branding)
  • Square images, like what you might use on your Twitter account, will now look best
  • Account admins can also add custom links to the slide-out navigation bar
  • If you’re not using this feature yet, it’s a great way to tailor Mavenlink for your team and clients by linking to your company’s blog, social media pages, or other internal systems

Custom Branding Examples

Take a look at our examples below to understand more about our custom branding capabilities and to get inspired by other customers!

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