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Cost Rates & Analytics

Available in: EnterprisePremier, and Professional


Mavenlink's Margin reports use the Group filter to measure your bill rates, cost rates, and actual and projected margins—by department, client, or region. It's here where you can see your actual cost rates accrue for members.

When viewing a Margin report, the Cost column will show the currency cost rate for that project.

  • If a project has an Account Cost Rate override, the time cost will show zero.
  • If there are no Account Cost Rate overrides on a project, the time cost will calculate accurately (e.g. a $25 cost rate x 2 hours = $50).

Project Details Report

You can track your team’s progress against a project’s budget using the Project Details report. To access the Performance Analytics section, use the left-side nav bar and click on Analytics > Project Details.

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