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Apply an Organization to a Project


How to Associate a Project with an Organization

When using Mavenlink's Organizations functionality, your projects should be associated with a corresponding department and geography so you can properly capture data for Analytics reports.

  1. Hover over Projects from the left-side nav bar and select Add New .
    - or -
    Change your Privacy and Organizations settings after the project is created by selecting Settings from the Actions drop-down menu located to the right of the project name.
  2. When the Organizations functionality is enabled, you'll notice the following additions to your Project Settings:
    1. In the Privacy section, the Who Can Participate drop-down menu options have changed. While the Invitation Only and Open to Admin Only project access selections still remain, the Open to All Account Members option is no longer available. In its place is the Open to Organization Members option; this selection gives account members the ability to access particular projects for the chosen organization(s)—while limiting others from joining voluntarily.Orgs-Privacy.png
    2. The Organizations section is where you can choose your organizations by department and/or geography.Organizations.png
      Note: Organizations only prevent members from voluntarily adding themselves to projects. Depending on your Privacy settings, members in a project are allowed to invite others to join the project, regardless of the organization(s) to which they belong.

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