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Proofing Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is included in Mavenlink Proofing?
A:  Mavenlink Proofing includes the ability to communicate and collaborate on designs, documents, and more, from within your Mavenlink project. You can upload new versions and compare them side-by-side, view asset history, and manage your feedback process.  

Q:  What file types can I upload for proofing?
A: Mavenlink Proofing supports a variety of file types, including images, video, documents, audio, and animation files. See the full list of supported file types.

Q: Can I get a report that shows all the feedback on my asset?
A: Yes. Select the More icon ( " " ) and then Feedback Report.


Q: Can I change my file name?  
A: No, you can not change the File Name within a proof, but you can change the name of the asset. Simply click inside the title box to rename it. 


Q: How many people can review a single proof?
A: All members of a project can review a proof. 

Q: Will clients invited into a Mavenlink project be able to review a proof?
A: Yes, regardless of Project permissions.

Q: Can people review the proof that are not invited to a project?
A: No. Only members of a project can review a proof. 

Q: Do proofs count toward my Mavenlink storage space?
A:  Yes. However, accounts that license Mavenlink Proofing will receive additional storage space.

Q: Is there a maximum file size?
A:  There is no maximum file size but upload speeds may vary based on file size and file type.

Q: Who can delete a proof?
A: Members of a project can delete a proof, regardless of their Project permissions.

Q: Once I give my feedback, how do people know it’s there?
A: There are two ways people receive your feedback: via email, and a notification in the Activity Feed.

Q: How quickly are the files I upload for proofing available to review? What are the expected upload times of various file types/sizes?
A: Depending on the size and type of the file it will be available in about a minute. The file loads in the background so you can continue your work after uploading a file. See recommendations that allow the person creating and uploading files to optimize their files for use within the proofing Workspace here.

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