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Proofing Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in Mavenlink Proofing?<
A:  Mavenlink Proofing is a digital proofing solution available directly in your Mavenlink projects so your team can give feedback and review assets more efficiently. You will be able to upload files for proofing to review and give feedback, as well as upload new versions of a file to compare versions side-by-side and view version history.

Q:  What file types can I upload for proofing?
A: Mavenlink Proofing supports 35 file types, including images, video, document, audio, and animation files. See the full list of supported file types here.

Q: Can I get a report that shows all the feedback on my asset?<
A: Yes, you can have a feedback summary emailed to you by clicking the Generate Feedback Report link on your proof.

Q: Can I change my file name?  
A: You can click on the proof name to change it. This does not change the file name, only the name of the proof which is used in all communication.

Q: How many people can review a single proof?
A: All members of a project can review a proof. Only members with project Edit access can provide feedback.

Q: Will clients invited into a Mavenlink project be able to review a proof?
A: Yes.

Q: Can people review the proof that are not invited to a project?
A: All reviewers must be members of that project to review a proof.

Q: Do proofs count toward my Mavenlink storage space?
A:  Yes. Additional storage will be added to accounts that purchase Mavenlink Proofing.

Q: Is there a maximum file size?
A:  There is no max file size but upload speeds can vary based on file size and file type.

Q: Who can delete a proof?
A: Anyone in the project that is not View Only can add/delete/comment on proofs.

Q: Once I give my feedback, how do people know it’s there?
A: Every time someone gives feedback, replies to feedback, or uploads a proof, an email is sent to the task assignees and followers and an entry in the project activity feed is created with a link to the proof.

Q: If I want to share the proof, can I use the URL within asset info?
A: You can share the URL with anyone who is a member of the project. To review a proof you need access to the proofing workspace.

Q: How quickly are the files I upload for proofing available to review? What are the expected upload times of various file types/sizes?
A: Depending on the size and type of the file it will be available in about a minute. The file loads in the background so you can continue your work after uploading a file. See recommendations that allow the person creating and uploading files to optimize their files for use within the proofing Workspacehere.

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