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Reviewing a Proof



After gathering all the necessary feedback and uploading the final version of your proof, you may want to complete a formal review process. Proof Reviews allow you to assign members of the project to review a proof and track approvals and rejections.

It is helpful to group related proofs for review into a single task so you can archive the task once all your reviews are complete. This prevents any further activity on the proof, such as uploading new versions or adding additional feedback, while still allowing members to view any previous feedback as well as final review statuses.

Note that once a review has started, additional reviewers can not be added.

How to Create a Review

  1. Open the Proof Details side panel from either the Task Details side panel or the project's Proofs tab.
  2. Select Create Review. Any member of the project that is not limited to View Only can create a review.
  3. Select Add Reviewer, and add project members from the drop-down list. You can scroll through the list or type to search for a member. 
Note: You will not be able to add any project member that is View Only.proofing-review-adding-reviewers.png
  4. To remove a reviewer, select the Remove icon ("
    " )to the right of their name in the table.
  5. When you’ve added all the reviewers you need, select Start Review. Each reviewer receives an email notification, and a notification in the project's Activity Feed. proofing-review-activity-feed-notification.png
  6. The Review Status updates to In Review and shows how many reviewers have marked approval and how many total reviewers there are assigned. You can view this status from the Proof Details side panel, the Task Details side panel, and the project's Proofs Tabproofing-proof-in-review.png

Any member of the project, even if the member is View Only, can view the status of the review and open the Proof Details side panel to see the individual statuses of reviewers.

How to Approve a Review from the Proof Details Side Panel

  1. Select the file name from the project's Activity Feed to open the Proof Details side panel. proofing-project-activity-feed-file-name.png
  2. Select Approveproofing-review-approve.png
  3. Confirm your approval, or select Cancel to go back and leave additional feedback. proofing-review-approve-confirm.png
  4. Once approved, the Review Status updates and shows how many still need to be completed. proofing-proof-detail-side-panel-reviews.png
  5. When the final reviewer marks his or her approval, the review status shows Approved, and the review creator and Project Administrators receive an email notification the review is approved.

How to Reject a Review

  1. Select the file name from the project's Activity Feed to open the Proof Details side panel. proofing-project-activity-feed-file-name.png
  2. To reject a review, select Reject.
  3. Confirm you rejection, or select Cancel to go back and provide additional feedback. proofing-review-reject-confirm.png
  4. When any reviewer rejects the review, the Review Status shows as Rejected and by whom.
  5. The review is closed to any remaining reviewers after a rejection. These reviewers are not able to to approve or reject the review unless the it is continued.
  6. The review creator and any Project Administrators receive an email notification that the review has been rejected.

How to Continue a Review

After a reviewer has rejected a proof, there may be conversations or business processes in place to allow that project member to update his or her rejections, without requiring changes to a proof. When this happens, the review creator and Project Administrators have the option to continue a review.

  1. Open the Proof Details side panel by clicking the name of a proof on a task or from the project's Proofs tab.
  2. Select Continue Review.
  3. Once the review is continued, the rejecting reviewer’s status will be cleared and the proof review will be re-opened for the rejector and any other reviewers that had not yet marked their approval or rejection.
  4. Any reviewer that had approved prior to the rejection will not have to approve again, his or status will remain as Approved.

Delete a Review

A review creator or Project Administrator can delete a review after it has been started. To do this, select Delete Review and confirm that you are sure you want to delete the review. proofing-delete-a-review.png

Deleting a review un-assigns all reviewers and clears any approvals or rejections. Once a review is deleted, members are able to upload new versions to a proof and a create a new review.

Upload a New Version of a Review

Since a review is always related to the most current version of a proof, the ability to upload a new version while there is an active review (including reviews with a status of Approved or Rejected) is limited. The review owner or Project Administrators can upload a new version, but note that doing so will delete the current review. proofing-upload-new-version-dialogue.png

Project members who did not create the review or are not Project Administrators can not upload a new version. To allow members to upload new versions, the review creator or a Project Administrator needs to delete the review. proofing-cannot-upload-new-version.png

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