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Project List Overview


The Project List is a collective view of all the projects you have access to in your account. This page allows you to customize the list and narrow it down to show projects most relevant to you. 


To access the Project List, click Projects in the left navigation.

Project List Toolbar

The Project List toolbar contains various configuration tools as well as Search and Export options. You also have the ability to create a project directly from this page by clicking the + Add Project button on the right side of the toolbar.Project_toolbar.png

Project View Icons

In the top-left corner of the toolbar are the Project View icons that represent the alternative ways to view all projects in your account: the Project List (current page), Project Cards, and the Project Gantt. Clicking the Project Cards or Project Gantt icon will take you to the respective pages.

Save View

Click the Save button to save a custom view of how you’ve configured your Project List with your unique column selection, column order, filters, and sort results. You'll then see your saved view as the default view the next time you open the Project List.

When you’re using a saved view and you make a change on the page, click Update to update the saved view with the new edit.


Configure Columns

You can select which columns appear in the Project List table along with their order by using the Configure Columns drop-down.


To rearrange the column order, click and hold the Drag icon next to a column and then drag it to the order you want it to appear in the table.

Show or Hide Projects

Using the Show drop-down menu, you can filter the Project List to show only your projects, projects you can join, projects in your organization (orgs only), or projects for which you have Guest Access. Your-Projects-Guest-Projects.png

Note: Team members cannot have Guest Access on projects for which they're participating.

To view archived projects, select Archived or All from the Archived column in the Project List table and then click Apply.


Note: If you don’t see the Archived column, you will need to select it from the Configure Columns drop-down menu so it displays in the table.

Search Box

Use the Search box to narrow down the results in the Project List table. This can help you locate projects that contain specific information.


You can further refine your results by adding column-specific search parameters before your search term. This allows you to search for values only in specific columns rather than the entire Project List table. To do this, precede your search box term with one of the following column-specific parameters:

  • group:
  • title:
  • description:
  • status:
  • custom_field_value:

For example, if you want to search for projects that have "finance" in their title, type title: finance in the Search box.


Note: Column-specific search parameters must be in lowercase letters.

Export Projects

The export function lets you export all project columns or only the ones that you have selected in the Configure Columns menu to a CSV or XLS file.


Project List Table

The Project List table consists of individual project rows, column filters, editable custom fields, Project Pulse side panels, and the bulk action toolbar.


Note: The bulk action toolbar only appears when you select the checkbox in-line with a project title.

Filter Columns

Click on a Filter icon to apply filters to one or more of the following columns: Project Color, Status, Groups, Organizations, Provider Lead, MilestoneWeight % Complete, Archived, and Stage. You can apply filters to multiple columns at once to only show the information that is relevant to you. Any selected filter options will always appear at the top of the filter list in the modal.


The options that appear when you click the filter icon will vary depending on the column it's in. For example, in the Project Color filter column, you can select a new project color for the selected projects. Alternatively, the Milestone Weight % Complete column allows you to enter a Min and Max percentage amount to filter down the results.

Bulk Actions

Selecting the checkboxes next to the project titles causes the bulk actions toolbar to appear at the bottom of the table. From here, you can perform the following actions across the selected projects:

  • Add members to projects
  • Set project team lead
  • Add groups to projects
  • Set project status
  • Set project colors (if enabled)
  • Archive projects


To learn more, see the Project List Bulk Actions article.

Edit Custom Fields

You can edit custom fields from within the Project List. First, select the Columns menu and check the custom fields from the drop-down menu. Next, click into a custom field cell for a specific project and enter or select a value.


Note: When a custom field has the Hide Field setting enabled, it is viewable within the Project List but not editable by any users. Hidden fields are only editable through the API.

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