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Kantata Proofing



Kantata OX Proofing is available for Enterprise plans that meet the minimum user license requirements. To get started, please reach out to your Account Executive or Client Success Manager, or email


Kantata OX Proofing allows you to communicate and collaborate on designs, documents, and more from within your Kantata OX project. Use it to provide clear and actionable feedback without the need to exchange large numbers of emails. With Kantata Proofing, reviewers can comment directly on each asset in Kantata OX and receive notifications about feedback from others as well as where the asset is in the review process.mavenlink-proofing-workspace.png

Types of Proofs

Whether brochures, pamphlets, photographs, videos, or other assets, Kantata Proofing supports a wide range of file formats, including:

  • PDFs
  • Text documents
  • Photos and graphics
  • Video and audio files

For a complete list, see our article on Supported File Formats for Proofing.

Permissions for Proofing

Any member invited to a project can view assets added for proofing regardless of their project permissions. Any member invited to a project that has the ability to edit project information—such as Edit Tasks, Edit Time and Expenses, Edit Financials, or Project Administrator project permission levels—can create a Review or add assets to a project.

Adding and Accessing Assets for Proofing

To add assets to a project, your project permissions must give you the ability to edit project information. You can add assets for proofing to Tasks, Deliverables, Milestones, and Issues within a project. Each task type can have multiple assets, letting you bundle files for review to streamline the process.

There are two ways to manage and access assets for proofing: from the Proofs section of the Task Details side panel, and a project’s Proofs tab.

Task Details Side Panel

The Proofs section of the Task Details side panel acts like your file control center for assets associated with task types. projects-task-detail-add-files.pngThe Proofs section is the only place where you can upload and remove files. You can also download a Feedback Report to see all the feedback on an asset at once. A report can be useful if you have a multi-page PDF with many reviewers. projects-task-side-panel-proofs-menu.png

Use Preview/Feedback to access an asset’s Proofing Workspace directly. Selecting the file name opens the Proof Details side panel where you can change the title and assign reviewers.

Every asset you add is available and accessible from the project’s Proofs tab.

Project Proofs Tab

With Kantata Proofing enabled, each project has a Proofs tab that lists all of the assets that have been added. proofing-projects-proofs-tab.png

  • Title—By default, it is the same as the file name. Selecting it opens the Proof Details side panel so you can change the title, add new versions, request reviewers, and more. 
  • Associated Task—The task type to which the asset is attached. Selecting it opens the Task Details side panel. If more than one task type has the same asset, it appears with each task type. Note that if more than one task type has the same asset, the asset appears separately.
  • Review Status—Where in the review process an asset is, whether in review, rejected, or approved.
  • Uploaded By—Name of the person who added the asset.
  • Upload Date—Date the asset was added.
  • Comments—Know if comments have been left.
  • Versions—The number of revisions an asset has received.
  • Actions—Use the View icon to see the asset in the Proofing Workspace. Use the Download icon to download a copy of the most recent version.

Each column can be sorted, letting you easily see all assets related to a particular task or review status.

Proof Details Side Panel

The Proof Details side panel gives you more control over the asset itself, letting you change the file name, manage version control and reviews, and access the Proofing Workspace by selecting Preview/Feedbackprojects-proofs-proof-detail-side-panel.png

Anyone assigned as a reviewer automatically receives an email so they can quickly start providing feedback. Note that notifications refer to the asset name, not the file name.

When you upload a new version, it becomes the current file. The previous file moves under Versionsproofing-upload-new-version.pngNote: If there is a review in progress, uploading a new version will delete the current review.

To get access to Premier and Enterprise Kantata features, contact us at If you have feedback or need support, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our team at

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