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Email Notifications

What types of email notifications will I receive from Mavenlink?

Mavenlink sends email notifications to alert you of relevant activities in your projects and on your account. Through your global email settings and project settings, you can configure your email notifications so that you’re only receiving alerts about activity relevant to you. There are two types of email notifications that may be received from Mavenlink:

  • System Generated Emails notify you about events like project invitations and tasks assignment notifications. System generated emails contain a "no-reply" email designation address meaning you won’t be able to reply to these types of emails.
  • User Generated Emails are generated when a user takes a specific action such as posting a message. These notifications may be replied to from email and they will post in that project’s activity feed.

You may receive some or all of the email notifications below depending on the preferences you have set within your account and the activities/actions that you take within Mavenlink. Below is a list of all email notifications users can receive from Mavenlink:

  • Security Notifications
    • Email Address Verification
    • Password Reset Request
  • Account Invitation Notifications
    • New User Account Invitation
    • Existing User Account Invitation
  • Project Notifications
    • Project Invitation
    • Project Post Notification
    • Daily Digest
      Sender Not in Project Bounce
    • Archived Project Bounce
  • Task Related Notifications
    • New Task Notification
    • Task/Item Notification
    • Assignment
    • Date Change
    • Status Change
    • Task/Item Dependency Notification
  • Timesheets
    • Timesheet Submission Created
    • Timesheet Submission Approved
    • Timesheet Submission Rejected
  • Expenses
    • Expense Report Submission Created
    • Expense Report Submission Approved
    • Expense Report Submission Rejected
  • Budget and Overall Project Schedule Changes
    • Budget Change Order Created
    • Budget Charge Order Resolution
    • Schedule Change Order Created
    • Schedule Change Order Resolution
  • Exports
    • Task Export
    • Project List Export
    • Project Export

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