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Analytics Reports Overview

Kantata OX's built-in Analytics reports provide real-time performance data that provide you with actionable metrics to help streamline your business and evaluate team productivity.

Default Account Permissions: Account Administrator, Report Viewer with Cost, or Report Viewer


Although dynamic and real-time, you cannot customize our standard Analytics reports. If you want to build your own custom reports in Kantata OX, please use our powerful Insights reporting capabilities.



Depending on their access group (Report Viewer or higher by default), your users will be able to access Kantata's built-in Analytics reports to provide real-time performance data on demand. The ad-hoc reporting capabilities of Analytics allow you to filter, generate, export, and print reports that provide you with actionable metrics to help streamline your business and evaluate team productivity.

The Project Details Analytics Report

The following is an overview of the Kantata Analytics reports available for Finances, Projects, and People:


  • Invoices—See the status of all invoices for projects on your account. You can narrow by date range and invoice status to determine how aligned you are with a payment schedule.
  • Expenses—Track all expenses for projects on your account; filter by category and review the corresponding receipts.
  • Accounts Receivable—View invoice activity to identify unpaid items and check the status and due date of all open invoices in your account.
  • Margin (T&M)—The time and material margin analysis report measures both the actual and projected margins, as well as the margin rate on time tracked in projects.


  • Work in Progress (WIP)—Displays the total billable time not invoiced for all active projects, so you can easily determine the billable time available to be invoiced.
  • Project Details—View the total billable and non-billable hours for a project, top participants, and time spent on each task, deliverable, milestone, or issue.


  • Utilization—This single report provides resource managers with the information they need to assess and manage past, present, and future billable utilization. See how well-utilized team members are across projects in a given date range. Get insights into the projects and tasks the team is planning to spend their time in comparison to the time the team is actually tracking (i.e., what percentage of possible hours employees have tracked); and projected vs. actual revenue, based on what is scheduled versus actual billable utilization.
  • Time Tracking—See total time tracked by personnel across all your projects. Quickly identify which resources are spending too much time on the bench or tracking too much time on projects.
  • Time Approvals—An overview of all hours tracked across all team members during a designated timesheet period. See when time was submitted, approved, and who approved it. See also which timesheets require action, as well as unsubmitted timesheets from team members. This allows you to quickly identify who is tracking their time appropriately and where timesheets are in the approval process. 
Note: Accessing Kantata's built-in Analytics reports requires Kantata Premier and your account permissions set to Report Viewer (or higher)

To access the Analytics reports, hover over Analytics from the left navigation and then select a standard report from the Finances, Projects, or People category.

How to Export Analytics Reports

Exporting Analytics reports is fast and convenient; you can export to CSV or XLSX.

  1. Hover over Analytics from the left navigation and select a report.
  2. Enter or select values in the filter options at the top.
  3. Click Generate Report. The report results appears below the filters.
  4. In the filters section, select XLS or CSV.
  5. Click Export Report to save the file on your computer.

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