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Analytics: Time Approvals

Access Groups: Analytics Reports
Default Account Permissions: Account Administrator, Report Viewer with Cost, or Report Viewer


With Mavenlink’s Time Approvals Analytics Reports, you can quickly identify who is tracking their time appropriately and where that time is in the approvals process.

Who has access to the Time Approvals Analytics Report?

As with other Mavenlink Analytic reports, Premier Account Members with Report Viewer or Account Administrative permissions may access the “Time Approvals” Analytics Report from the Analytics section of the left-hand navigation panel.

Click the dropdowns next to the filters to tailor the report to your immediate needs. Need to know who has timesheets that have yet to be submitted? Select the desired time period, filter by the “unsubmitted” to generate the list of resources that need to be followed up with to submit their timesheet. Unsubmitted, pending and approved refer to the status of the timesheets, whereas not applicable indicates hours that were logged on projects without time approvals.

A summary of the total number of hours tracked for the designated period is displayed at the top of the report for comparison to the possible hours based on the account and user level workweek. The exact hours for each status are rolled up for easy identification.

Need additional detail on each user?  Either hover over the tooltip to the right of “multiple statuses” to see a roll up of hours based on the status for each resource, or select the dropdown arrow to reveal the projects that have timesheets that hold these statuses.


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